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logical deduction – Carcolh and the Earthlion

While working from an indignant Carcolh, you occur to run into an Earthlion guarding its hoard. This is a species recognized for overblown emotional shows: When stolen from, they flip purple in rage. When proven a higher worth of gold, they flip resentful. Fear turns them yellow, whereas they swell crimson with satisfaction when gifted gold. Tickling, additionally, turns them pink. Furthermore, their reminiscence is well clouded, with them rapidly forgetting the sources of their losses and features

If your data of Carcolh language is right, a sign of green-red-purple-pink ought to function a ample apology

You have a wheelbarrow on you, which ought to maintain simply over 50 gold cash. The Earthlion has about 100 cash in her hoard

Given this, how will you get the Carcolh off your again?



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