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Consider the sport Dethy Mafia. The full guidelines will be discovered right here, however that is all it is advisable know to unravel this puzzle:

Each of the 5 roles “Sane Cop”, “Insane Cop”, “Paranoid Cop”, “Naïve Cop”, and “Mafia Goon” are given randomly to one of many 5 gamers. All gamers are instructed whether or not they’re a cop or the Mafia Goon, however not their sanities. On the primary night time, the Mafia Goon does nothing, and every of the cops secretly chooses a participant to research. The Sane Cop at all times will get the appropriate reply, the Insane Cop at all times will get the unsuitable reply, the Paranoid Cop at all times will get a responsible end result, and the Naïve Cop at all times will get an harmless end result. In the morning, the gamers all share and focus on their outcomes and attempt to deduce who’s secretly the Mafia Goon (who, not having an actual end result, can have made up a faux one).

The puzzle: Alice, Bob, Carol, Dave, and Eve are all taking part in a recreation of Dethy Mafia. The roles have been distributed as follows:

  • Alice – Naïve Cop
  • Bob – Insane Cop
  • Carol – Paranoid Cop
  • Dave – Sane Cop
  • Eve – Mafia Goon

Unfortunately for Eve, based mostly on solely the investigative outcomes from the primary night time, the opposite gamers have been all capable of deduce for sure that she was the Mafia Goon on the primary day. Can you give you a set of investigative decisions and outcomes that might have led to this taking place?



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