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logical deduction – Flowers in a circle Puzzle

logical deduction – Flowers in a circle Puzzle


Eight flowers, coded as A, B, C, D, E, F, G and H, are planted in a backyard within the form of a circle (not essentially in that order). The flowers are of various varieties – Rose, Lotus, Daffodil, Sunflower, Daisy, Lilly, Dallion and Marigold, not essentially in that order. The flowers are ranked within the descending order of their costs, rank 1 being the most expensive, and no two flowers have the identical value. The numeric sum of the ranks of any two flowers planted reverse to one another is odd.
Further it’s identified that:

  1. The costliest flower isn’t reverse to the most affordable flower, which, in flip, is Daffodil.

  2. A, Sunflower, is the fourth costliest and is planted reverse to the flower which is fourth most cost-effective and which is Marigold.

  3. Rose and Dallion are adjoining to one another.

  4. B is reverse to C and one in every of them is Lilly and the opposite is Lotus.

  5. Exactly one flower is planted between E and A. The flower planted reverse to E is Rose.

  6. D is planted to the rapid proper of A.The flower planted reverse to D is Daisy.

  7. There is precisely one flower planted between F (which is the second most cost-effective flower) and the second costliest flower.

Show the association and project of the flowers to their codes and flower sort

Please inform the method and present your desk as properly.



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