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logical deduction – How many options on this Statue Park (Loop)?

Rules of Statue Park (Loop), from GM Puzzles

Place every of the twelve pentominoes into the grid as soon as, with rotations and reflections allowed. No two pentominoes can overlap or be orthogonally adjoining, and all cells not occupied by the pentominoes should be traversed by a single, closed loop (connecting cells horizontally or vertically). The black circles point out some cells that should be coated by pentominoes, white circles point out areas that is probably not contained in pentominoes and should be a part of the loop.

blank 14x14 grid

Does the above puzzle haven’t any options, one resolution (as much as rotation/reflection), or a number of options – and if that’s the case, what number of?

P.S. this puzzle is supposed for individuals who have not achieved this style earlier than, so if skilled solvers may maintain off posting solutions that might be good 🙂



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