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logical deduction – – Pandora’s Box –

logical deduction – – Pandora’s Box –


After Prometheus had stolen fireplace from heaven and bestowed it upon mortals, Zeus, the king of the gods, decided to counteract this blessing. Zeus commissioned Hephaestus, the god of fireplace, to style a lady out of earth, Pandora, who was then endowed with items by all the opposite Olympian gods. He despatched her to Epimetheus, who made Pandora his spouse, forgetting the warning of his brother Prometheus to not settle for items from god.

At her wedding ceremony, Zeus gave Pandora a field, and warned her by no means to open it. Pandora, who was created to be curious, couldn’t avoid the field and the urge to open the field overcame her. Horrible issues flew out of the field together with vainness, envy, hatred, ache, anger, concern, conflict and vice. All of life’s miseries had been let loose into the world. Pandora slammed the lid of the field again down. The final thing remaining inside the field was hope.

Ever since, people have been in a position to maintain onto this hope with the intention to survive the wickedness that Pandora had let loose.

Now it is time to put these black swirls of magic mud again within the field.


  1. Pack these evil issues within the field given beneath. They may be spelled up, down, left, proper, or any of the 4 diagonal instructions.


  1. More than one phrase cross via the darkish cells, while the sunshine ones are used as soon as.

  2. Explain the way you positioned them, in order that if anybody else opens this field sooner or later by mistake, your notes can be useful to place them again in.

Pandora's Box

This puzzle was impressed by @JLee‘s Create a Word Search and associated puzzle.



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