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logical deduction – The Fourth Hardest Logic Puzzle Ever

This is an attractive variant of “The Hardest Logic Puzzle Ever”. I do know the answer however I wish to share with you.

Three gods A, B, and C are referred to as, in no explicit order, True, False, and Xor. True all the time speaks really, False all the time speaks falsely, whereas Xor speaks by xor in his head the reply of True and False if the query requested of him had been requested of the opposite two.
For instance, if we ask Xor: “Are you True?” then if the query had been requested of True, he would have answered “Yes”, the identical for False, therefore Xor reply “No”. In different phrases, if the solutions of true and false have been in settlement Xor reply “No”, in any other case Xor solutions “Yes”.
Your activity is to find out the identities of A, B, and C by asking three yes-no questions; every query should be put to precisely one god. The gods perceive English; however will reply all questions of their language, wherein the phrases for sure and no you do not know a priori. However, you realize that their language is predicated on the English alphabet, so they’re distinguishable phrases.

No “paradoxical” query is allowed.



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