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logical deduction – Unsure proceed Sudoku clear up/apply Y-Wing technique

I’m not new to fixing a sudoku board, however I shouldn’t have a number of expertise with tougher boards and extra superior methods (I’m able to clear up a “arduous” board in beneath 10 minutes, on common). I’m at present making an attempt to resolve an knowledgeable rated board with out guessing in any respect, and have come to some extent the place I can’t work out proceed.


I’ve been researching some extra superior methods, and have acknowledged a Y-wing: [48] at R6C4, [14] at R5C6, and [18] at R6C7. However, I’m not sure totally execute this technique.

I’ve been referencing this web site (discovered by means of this publish), however I get caught when making an attempt to determine which numbers I can remove.
As I’m at present penning this, I’m constantly referencing the linked publish in addition to the web site, and have come to the guess that 1 would be the candidate that I may remove (my reasoning being that R5C6 and R6C7 share the quantity, however can’t “see” one another). At this level, I’m simply not sure as to the place it may be eradicated. My intuition says it may be eradicated from R5C4, however I can’t present a logical rationalization for that.

Is my reasoning right for assuming that 1 is the candidate to be eradicated? And
What could be the reasoning for figuring out which particular cells the candidate could be eradicated from?



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