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logical deduction – Walter’s wonky watch

logical deduction – Walter’s wonky watch


Walter sticks to a strict schedule every weekday. He pays shut consideration to his digital watch, but it surely’s not an strange watch.

Here is his typical day so as:

Each morning at solar, his alarm goes off and he rolls away from bed.
After a 15 minute bathe, breakfast, and a commute, he arrives to work at zoo, proper on the hour.
For lunch break, he makes scrambled eggs, all the time cooked by pans.
Then he goes for a fast jog round park.
In the afternoon, he has a nap relaxation break.
After work, it’s time for a fast card recreation: it’s uno.
Less than an hour later, at spa, he relaxes for a bit.
Then zap – it’s dinner time.
It’s all the time robust getting the youngsters to mattress; their bedtime is warfare.

One day at work, a co-worker requested Walter what time it was. He checked his watch and replied “It’s now.”

What time was it?



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