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In some model of Ticket to Ride (together with Ticket to Ride itself), you will get a bonus for having the the Longest Continuous Path of routes.

The participant who has the Longest Continuous Path of routes receives this particular bonus card and provides 10 factors to his rating. When evaluating and evaluating path lengths, solely take into consideration steady strains of plastic trains of the identical colour. A steady path could embody loops, and move by the identical metropolis a number of occasions, however a given plastic prepare could by no means be used twice in the identical steady path. In the case of a tie for the longest path, all tied gamers rating the ten level bonus.

When figuring out the size of the trail, can we rely the size when it comes to routes or trains?

The wording particularly says it’s a path of routes. So one might take this to imply one needs to be counting the variety of routes.

But not all routes are equal. Some are longer than others. It would additionally make sense to rely when it comes to prepare, in the identical sense that we often measure chains in meters despite the fact that they’re fabricated from hyperlinks.

The guidelines are ambiguous. Is there a FAQ that covers this? Or what does the digital model of the sport rely?



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