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Ludology: Ludology 246 – Cornering the Market

Mar 21, 2021

Emma, Gil, and Scott have a roundtable dialogue through which they
focus on the three gross sales channels, or markets, your board sport can
be obtainable in: interest, specialty, and mass. What are the
variations between them, and the way can a sport transfer from one to
one other?


0m48s: Erica and Sen are becoming a member of the present! You can watch them in
the Meeple Syrup
. Some of Sen’s video games: Junk Art,
Jiangshi: Blood within the Banquet Hall
. Some of Erica’s video games:
King of the Pride
, Kodama
Scott Pilgrim Miniatures The World
Steven Universe: Beach-A-Palooza
, and the forthcoming Rat Queens.
Here’s Sen’s look on Ludology
236 – Role With It

2m11s: The interest “classics”: Catan, Carcassonne.
The new hotness as of this recording: Bonfire,
(which is so scorching, it is not even out but…). 

2m55s: More information about
, the gross sales agent Gil (and plenty of different publishers) use to
promote their video games to publishers.

4m11s: Yep.

4m36s: Wingspan,
, Codenames

11m15s: Phoenix
and Mox
Boarding House in Seattle
. Emma additionally mentions Century:
Spice Road
, Exploding
, Just One,
and her sport
Abandon All Artichokes

16m49s: Gloomhaven:
, Pan Am

17m46s: Yes, Gil’s instructed this anecdote earlier than. He’s speaking about
Avowel, the cellular model of his sport Wordsy.

27m00s: Wingspan was written up in each
the New York Times
Smithsonian Magazine
, amongst others.

33m17s: We had Kim Vandenbrouke on in Ludology
212 – Inventing Play

40m03s: Yes, Gil made the identical level within the final episode. Still

41m37s: Not positive why Gil introduced up Root however
utterly forgot about Fort, from
the identical writer! It’s a greater instance.

44m24s: The concept of affordances and signifiers from a design
standpoint was popularized by Donald Norman in his guide The
Design of Everyday Things
. This topic got here up once we chatted
with sport designer and graphic designer Daniel Solis in Ludology
204 – The Eyes Have It

45m11s: Kingdom

47m39s: Seven

50m01s: The story of Lizzie Magie, Charles Darrow, and the way in which
The Landlord’s Game ultimately grew to become Monopoly is price figuring out
about. You can learn
about it right here

55m51s: Verrater and

59m12s: Emma and Gil gushed about their Quivers a bit greater than they anticipated

1h01m27s: Red Raven made their sport Megaland

unique to Target
when it was launched in 2018. The
Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game
additionally had parts unique
to Target.

1h04m23s: Scott is referring to the mechanism in every sport in
Betrayal household of sport
s, through which the sport assigns one participant
to show towards the opposite gamers in considered one of dozens of wildly
completely different situations.

1h08m31s: We mentioned complexity in Ludology
238 – Unraveling Complexity

1h11m33s: Gil likes to sometimes return to this lukewarm
overview of Catan from 1998
, complaining about sport size,
runaway chief, and steadiness points. The extra issues change…

1h12m13s: Here’s Emma’s speak
for the Tabletop Mentorship Program about playtesting

1h13m48s: More
information concerning the AEG Pitch Project
. Also, extra information about Scott’s
forthcoming sport Alien:
Fate of the Nostromo



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