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‘Magic & Monsters of Lankhmar’ Takes 5E Back to D&D’s Oldest Inspiration

‘Magic & Monsters of Lankhmar’ Takes 5E Back to D&D’s Oldest Inspiration


A brand new e book guarantees a return to one of many oldest inspirations for D&D. Magic & Monsters of Lankhmar brings the grit of Leiber to 5E.

Few books have had a higher impression on Dungeons & Dragons than Fritz Leiber’s tales of Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser. These two adventurers had been created by the originator of the phrase “sword and sorcery.” Go again and browse any of the tales, and also you is likely to be shocked to search out the exact same antics at your desk written giant.

These tales of a broad-shouldered warrior and crafty thief companion contain creativity and darkish humor. You would possibly discover them strapping fireworks to skis to rocket throughout harmful chasms. Or mocking individuals in energy making an attempt to ship elevated monologues.

The components of humor and brazenness that prepare dinner up the proper recipe for journey are what D&D strives for. And all of it passed off within the metropolis of Lankhmar. A metropolis so wealthy and detailed it helped fill out a number of 1st Edition books. Now, Dungeon Crawl Classics is bringing that world to fifth Edition.

Magic & Monsters of Lankhmar will convey the town of Lankhmar, and the world of Nehwon to fifth Edition in a model new e book.

Magic & Monsters of Lankhmar

Lankhmar is probably the most well-known fantasy metropolis of all time. Its most infamous residents are the legendary fighters and thieves, Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser. The first Lankhmar story was written in 1937 by Fritz Leiber, who went on to coin the phrase “sword-and-sorcery” to explain the style of which it’s half. Leiber’s works performed a big function within the improvement of the tabletop gaming passion. He is listed as one of many six most influential authors within the creation of Dungeons & Dragons within the famed “Appendix N” the place Gary Gygax describes his major sources for the sport. 

Now DCC is crowdfunding over on Indiegogo to convey Magic & Monsters of Lankhmar to life. Written by a “Leiber aficionado”, this e book brings Lankhmar’s “crunchy bits” to 5E. What does that imply precisely?

In a nutshell, it’s a set of monsters and, effectively, magic. Both spells and magic objects. But it isn’t simply any splatbook. DCC’s group delves deep into the world of Lankhmar. Including making a visit to the University of Houston to entry the Fritz Leiber Papers assortment. Meaning that materials heretofore unseen by most will make its method into the e book.

Old monsters, new to fifth Edition torn straight from historic archives. It feels like one thing out of a film from the late 90s. Where you begin enjoying the sport after which instantly it will get just a little too actual. But you’ll discover a way more benign magic portal on this tome.

New monsters embrace:

  • Behemoth
  • Beloved of Tyaa
  • Bleak Shore Executioner
  • Dragon of Nehwon (together with customization tables)
  • Fish-Of-The-Air
  • Ghost Hound
  • Ice Gnome
  • Invisibles of Stardock (together with Duelist and Noble Wizard variants)
  • Kleshite Ghoul
  • Leviathan
  • Nehwon Ghoul (together with Raid Captain variant)
  • Rats of Lankhmar Below (in 2 sizes)
  • Simorgyan (together with Noble variant)
  • Simorgyan Manta
  • Snow Serpent
  • Statue of Devourers
  • War Cat

Alongside these? Six new spells and eight new objects. And that is simply the primary of many. Check out the marketing campaign now on Indiegogo!

Happy Adventuring


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