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Why does the Enduring Angel from Innistrad: Midnight Hunt has the next textual content:

Then if Enduring Angel did not rework this fashion, you lose the sport

When does it apply?

Clones (like Clone) and tokens copies (created by results like Cackling Counterpart) haven’t got a bottom and might’t rework for that motive. If you had a duplicate or clone of Enduring Angel and it remodeled you’d lose the sport.

Also, if it had been underneath the impact of a card which stops it from remodeling (like Bound by Moonsilver) you’d additionally lose the sport.


701.28c: If a spell or skill instructs a participant to remodel a everlasting that isn’t represented by a remodeling double-faced card, nothing occurs.


I’m certain there are others, however most likely the most typical scenario is for those who make a token copy of Enduring Angel; as a result of the token would not have a again facet, it may well’t rework.

Perhaps probably the most well-known case right here is Garruk Relentless – for those who copied Garruk after which decreased his loyalty, the sport would draw as a result of an infinite sequence of Garruk’s “rework” set off happening the stack, failing to do something after which triggering once more.

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