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magic the gathering – How does Selesnya Guildgate work?

There are a number of various things you have got incorrect in regards to the guidelines. First off, lands and mana are various things, see What is the distinction between lands and mana? for extra on that.

You additionally appear to be mixing up triggered talents and activated talents. From the essential rulebook:

Each triggered skill begins with the phrase “when,” “whenever,” or “at.” You don’t activate a triggered skill. It mechanically triggers every time the primary a part of the flexibility occurs.

An activated skill is a capability which you could activate everytime you need, so long as you’ll be able to pay the price. For instance, Blood Bairn is a creature with the flexibility “Sacrifice another creature: Blood Bairn gets +2/+2 until end of turn.”
Each activated skill has a value, then a colon (“:”), then an impact.

From this, you need to see that Selesnya Guildgate has an activated skill, not a triggered skill. So it coming into tapped won’t trigger its skill to do something. Rather, if you wish to use its skill, you must pay the price, which is tapping it. You can’t pay that price whether it is already tapped, so the truth that it entered tapped means which you could’t apply it to the flip that you just play it. That is the disadvantage that balances out the benefit of getting to select from two totally different colours of mana; in contrast to a Forest which might solely have the ability to produce one coloration (inexperienced).

So if in case you have an untapped Selsnya Guldgate, then you may use that to forged both Gladecover Scout or Champion of the Parish. But whether it is already tapped, like it’s whenever you first play it, then you’ll be able to’t use it so as to add mana this flip.



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