Home Board Game Magic the Gathering: Second Fiddle – A Look on the Secondary Brothers’ War Commanders

Magic the Gathering: Second Fiddle – A Look on the Secondary Brothers’ War Commanders

Magic the Gathering: Second Fiddle – A Look on the Secondary Brothers’ War Commanders


Urza and Mishra would be the face of the warfare, however that doesn’t imply they didn’t rent nicely.

The Brothers’ War is formally out, and for those who’re an individual of tradition like me and play the BEST format, you’ve in all probability already appeared over the preconstructed Commander decks. As anticipated, the 2 poster boys are the pinnacle honchos, getting highly effective talents to assist gasoline their artifact-heavy kits. However, they aren’t the one powerhouses within the deck, and Wizards of the Coast has given us some potent lieutenants as backup leaders or secret commanders. While they actually aren’t the grasp wizards that the Brothers are, they’ll pull a whole lot of enjoyable methods out which may catch your opponents abruptly.

Tawnos, Solemn Survivor

A superb artificer and the highest apprentice of Urza himself, Tawnos was a crucial determine within the warfare, constructing lots of Urza’s best warfare automatons and even making a stasis coffin to seal Mishra in. While he started life as a toymaker, his ability with primal clay and artifice elevated him rapidly to the grasp degree. In the precon, he truthfully doesn’t seem like a lot on the floor, inflicting you to burn by means of your library to get any worth out of his talents.

However, with any type of recursion, you possibly can rapidly generate an enormous token military, and must you mill into one among your beater creatures, you possibly can merely make a replica to begin punching face. Noxious Gearhulk is a superb goal for his doubling means, permitting you to destroy creatures and acquire life for minimal funding. Just watch out to not shred by means of your deck too quick (except you’re packing a Thassa’s Oracle).

Ashnod the Uncaring

The darkish mirror to Tawnos, Ashnod served as Mishra’s apprentice through the warfare, and he or she was notoriously sadistic. She considered dwelling issues as methods to be exploited, disassembled, then rebuilt for extra “efficiency”, and her Transmogrant troopers have been testaments to her expertise. Her precon card mirrors this lethal ability, giving her not solely deathtouch however the means to double up in your talents, as long as you sacrificed a everlasting.

With only some tweaks to the deck, you can also make Ashnod a problem in just some turns. Goblin Razerunners, Herald of Anguish, and the reprinted Braids are just some playing cards that skyrocket in worth underneath Ashnod’s sadistic care. With all of the recursion in Grixis, sacrifice shouldn’t be an issue, so be at liberty to blitz your whole board, drown your opponents in results, then simply deliver every thing again.

Will you be choosing up both of the precons?


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