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At current, there are three varieties of counters that may be positioned on gamers, plus a fourth that has been revealed in an upcoming set.

  1. Poison (Originally seen in Legends, prevalent in Scars of Mirrodin block)
  2. Experience (Commander 2015)
  3. Energy (written as {E}) (Kaladesh)
  4. Tickets (presently written as {TIX}) (upcoming set Unfinity)

We can search by means of Scryfall for playing cards that give gamers counters to find out that these are the one ones. As we are able to see with playing cards like Caress of Phyrexia and Aether Hub, playing cards that explicitly put particular sorts of counters on gamers use the wording

[Player] get(s) [amount] [counter description]

Since Scryfall helps common expression search, we are able to flip that into an everyday expression to seek for playing cards with that wording. For now, let’s have a look at what we get if we faux that counters are the one issues gamers can get. We can seek for that with the next common expression:

re:”(participant|opponent|you) (get|will get)b”

This principally finds related playing cards, but it surely additionally finds some irrelevant playing cards, together with planeswalkers that grant emblems and Paradox Haze. So, we are able to additionally exclude playing cards that give gamers emblems or further votes or steps, or make gamers get you one thing:

o:/(participant|opponent|you) (get|will get)b(?! (+|-|you|an emblem|an extra|a boon))/ -is:humorous

This is similar search earlier than, but it surely seems to be on the subsequent phrase to exclude sentences like “goal opponent will get you [something]”, “you get an emblem”, “that participant will get an extra [something]”, “creatures attacking you get -1/-0”, and “you get a boon…”. It additionally removes joke playing cards. This leads to 83 playing cards, all of which put some type of counter on a participant. A visible inspection exhibits that all of them add poison, expertise, vitality, or ticket counters.



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