Home Board Game magic the gathering – What occurs if the legend rule does not apply to solely considered one of a pair of legendary creatures with the identical identify?

magic the gathering – What occurs if the legend rule does not apply to solely considered one of a pair of legendary creatures with the identical identify?

magic the gathering – What occurs if the legend rule does not apply to solely considered one of a pair of legendary creatures with the identical identify?


Independent of the way you arrived at this place, you now get to decide on between the Brothers Yamazaki that has the Spy Kit hooked up and the Grizzly Bears. The premise of the query is fallacious; the legendary rule nonetheless applies to every Brothers Yamazaki in play. However, it doesn’t apply to a grouping of precisely two Brothers Yamazaki.

The particular exception created by the foundations texts of the Brothers Yamazaki permits a pair of legendary creatures named Brothers Yamazaki to exist on the battlefield, instantly contradicting rule 704.5K. Refer to the Magic the Gathering Golden Rules:

101.1. Whenever a card’s textual content instantly contradicts these guidelines, the cardboard takes priority. The card overrides solely the rule that applies to that particular scenario. The solely exception is {that a} participant can concede the sport at any time (see rule 104.3a).

704.5k If a participant controls two or extra legendary permanents with the identical identify, that participant chooses considered one of them, and the remaining are put into their homeowners’ graveyards. This is known as the “legend rule.”

The card textual content of Brothers Yamazaki solely prevents the legend rule from triggering when the sport sees two of them current. Look again on the guidelines textual content:

If there are precisely two permanents named Brothers Yamazaki on the battlefield, the “legend rule” does not apply to them.

The particular situation created by the foundations textual content applies particularly to the pair of them. It doesn’t cease the Legendary rule from seeing the 2 Legendary “Grizzly Bears.” Since two creatures named “Grizzly Bears” which are legendary exist beneath your management, you need to select considered one of them and sacrifice the opposite. Further, the interplay of two Brothers Yamazaki, Leyline of Singularity, and Spy Kit will have an effect on each different creature you management.


The persistence of this guidelines gap drove me to Twitter for solutions, with a direct Tweet to Wizards_Magic, Gavin Verhey, and Matt Tabak.

Rule Hole problem: @GavinVerhey @tabakrules @wizards_magic – Brothers Yamazaki+Spy Kit+Leyline of Singularity – drunkcynic

This prompted a response from Matt Tabuk:

@drunkcynic @GavinVerhey @wizards_magic Nothing occurs. You proceed to regulate all three permanents. – tabakrules

Which confused me, so I sought to get some readability:

@TabakRules @GavinVerhey @wizards_magic Clarity: W/ LeylineOfSingularity, will Spy Kit’ed 1/2 Brothers Yamazaki 704.5k non-legend creatures? – drunkcynic

Initially, I believed my hopes had been dashed:

@drunkcynic @GavinVerhey @wizards_magic Two Yam Bros. means ignore these perms and take a look at the whole lot else to see if legend rule applies. – tabakrules

Yet, all was not misplaced:

@drunkcynic @GavinVerhey @wizards_magic Spy Kit has u lose creatures till the legend rule does not apply, seemingly by offing the eq. creature. – tabakrules

That, and I believe Gavin Verhey was hungry:

Mmmmm, Yam Bros. Delicious! #wotcstaff – gavinverhey

Resorted to pinging these two solely as a result of there was a scarcity of different avenues. Ask Wizards has been defunct for some time, and there wasn’t a transparent reply from the prevailing guidelines or sources.

Deeper Analysis

Doesn’t Apply – There are two situations in Gatherer for the foundations textual content, “does not apply:” Mirror Gallery, launched in Betrayers of Kamigawa, and Brothers Yamazaki, launched in Champions of Kamigawa. Each have an effect on the applying of the Legend Rule. Mirror Gallery sweeps broadly in its contradiction of the rule, eradicating it from the sport totally. The Borthers Yamizaki slim that restriction down significantly, solely stopping it from making use of to 2 of them.

Them/They/Those – Their are 793 occurrences in Gatherer of playing cards that embrace “They,” “Those,” or “Them” of their rule textual content. Each apply to a grouping of objects, be it creatures targets, playing cards being thought of, or different results, the place one thing is affecting them collectively or you might be selecting a portion of them. The guidelines texts of playing cards are, for essentially the most half, reasonably precise; the “They,” “Those,” or “Them” is intentional, simply because the occasions the place additional guidelines textual content is used to slim the applying of results to a portion of the group. As an instance, take into account Tamyo, Field Researcher. Her first means states:

+1: Choose as much as two goal creatures. Until your subsequent flip, at any time when both of these creatures offers fight injury, you draw a card.
Here, the flexibility establishes a grouping of two creatures, with a consequence if both member of the group satisfies the situation.

Narrowing the scope of the search additional, take into account simply playing cards with the rule textual content “every of them.” Here, the playing cards create a gaggle, after which apply an impact to every member of that group. In distinction, Brothers Yamazaki means establishes a gaggle, consisting of precisely 2 Brothers Yamazaki, applies an impact to the group. The legendary rule applies to every Brothers Yamazaki individually, and to a gaggle of three or extra Brothers Yamazaki. Refer again to the sooner quotation of Rule 101.1; the flexibility of Brothers Yamazaki solely contradicts the legendary rule 704.5k for the group consisting of precisely two Brothers Yamazaki. it doesn’t conradict the rule for every of them, simply them.

Yes, Magic the Gathering makes use of Them, Those, and They to deal with a gaggle objects affected by an occasion. The occasion will then both work with your complete group, or have an effect on parts of the group, utilizing modifiers like: Each, the Rest, from Among, and so on. There is a sure refined legalese in how the foundations texts of Magic the Gathering playing cards is constructed, primarily based on the grammar and construction of the English language. “to them” happens 3 times in your complete card pool; Brothers Yamazaki, Silence the Believers, and Gauntlets of Chaos. In every, the impact creates a gaggle, after which the group is affected. In each card the place an impact creates a gaggle, and impacts a member of the group, the foundations textual content explicitly does so. Since the foundations textual content for Brothers Yamazaki does not say “every of them” or “both of them,” it does not have an effect on the 2 individually, simply the group.

A notable factoid.

Champions of Kamigawa introduced the primary change to the legendary rule. Prior to Champions of Kamigawa, the primary participant to get a legendary object in play “received”, turning one another copy of that card within the sport right into a useless draw. With Champions of Kamigawa, observe on copies of the cardboard would reset the situation as a substitute, inflicting all copies in play to be sacrificed. This mattered partly due to the quite a few “Legendary” playing cards in Kamigawa.

It was with Magic 2014 that we acquired the rule because it stands at present, the place 705.4K appears to be like at every gamers battlefield independently. While every participant can management copies of the identical legendary object, one participant cannot management two copies with out results that particularly enable him to take action. However, there’s additionally a novel interplay between Brothers Yamazaki and the Legendary Rule because it stands, wanting on the Oracle ruling (particularly noting the date, coinciding with Magic 2014 launch):

7/1/2013 If a 3rd Brothers Yamazaki enters the battlefield, the legend rule will apply. If one participant controls multiple Brothers Yamazaki at the moment, that participant may have select one and put the remaining into his or her graveyard.

While the present Legendary rule solely cares about your battlefield, Brothers Yamazaki nonetheless appears to be like on the total battlefield. Baring any extra results, there can solely be two Brothers Yamazaki in play directly. When a 3rd comes into play, the participant with multiple follows the actions of 704.5K.



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