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‘Medieval’ Tells the True Story of the Great Warrior Jan Žižka

The story of one of many nice Czech heroes is informed in Medieval. Innovative Jan Žižka turned a nationwide hero by no means misplaced a battle – even with out his eyes.

Jan Žižka was a Czech common and follower of Jan Hus and a Radical Hussite. He led the Taborites within the late 1300s by means of early 1400s. Žižka led the Hussite on a number of crusades, performed a key position within the civil wars of Bohemia. And he handed the Holy Roman Empire and Teutonic Order their asses although their forces have been bigger than his. Žižka additionally wound up shedding each his eyes in fight, regardless of that he by no means misplaced a battle.

He foresaw innovations just like the tank and excelled at coaching peasants and farmers to tackle larger, extra armored opponents. The common and warrior is now a nationwide hero.

Medieval takes place through the Hussite Wars and covers Jan Žižka’s rise within the navy and in courtroom.

Medieval Cast and Synopsis

Ben Foster, Michael Caine, Til Schweiger, and Sophie Lowe star. Petr Jákl (Ghoul, Kajínek) is directing. Medieval is the most costly movie Czech ever made.

Inspired by the true story of Jan Žižka, one of many biggest warriors in historical past. After the dying of its reigning emperor, the Holy Roman Empire is plummeting into chaos whereas feuding brothers King Wenceslas of Czech and King Sigismund of Hungary battled for management of the empty throne. Daring and righteous mercenary chief Jan Zizka is employed by Lord Boresh to kidnap the highly effective Lord Rosenberg’s fiancée, Lady Katherine, to stop Rosenberg’s rise to energy alongside the corrupt King Sigismund. Jan believes that Kings are the suitable hand of God and needs to be revered and obeyed, it doesn’t matter what.

As Katherine turns into caught in a harmful political sport between the monarchs, Jan falls in love together with her sturdy spirit and dedication to saving the individuals. In a courageous try and liberate her, he fights again with a insurgent military to battle the corruption, greed, and betrayal rampant amongst these clawing for energy. Jan now realizes that the destiny of the Empire will likely be determined by his love for Lady Katherine and that his destiny doesn’t lie within the arms of Kings, however within the arms of his personal individuals.

Medieval hits theaters on Sep ninth, 2022.


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