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Metal Gear Solid – A dedication to the artwork & video games

We have admired the Art of Gaming through the years, however we’ve by no means seen an artist purely devoted to at least one primary gaming character…till now

We spoke to artist Kim Heoh and found extra about his love of Metal Gear Solid – the artwork he creates and the numerous video games he owns from the sequence.

Metal Gear Solid Art

GYL. How lengthy have you ever been enjoying Metal Gear Solid Games?

Kim. I’ve been enjoying mgs because the NES Metal Gear recreation got here out.

Metal Gear Solid Art 1

GYL. What video games do you continue to personal from from the sequence?

Kim. I’ve a TON of MGS video games (see pic under)

Metal Gear Solid Art 7

So that is Metal Gear on NES, Metal Gear Solid 1, Metal Gear Solid 2, Metal Gear Solid 3, Metal Gear Solid 4, Metal Gear Solid V, Metal Gear Solid V GZ, VR missions, Acid, Acid2, Peacewalker, Metal Gear Rising, Portable ops, Portable ops plus

Metal Gear Solid Art 3

GYL. What consoles do you personal previous and current?

Kim . I personal a NES, a Game Cube, a PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4, XBOX, Game Boy, GBA, PSP, and i feel thats it…

GYL. Who/ What impressed you to attract?

Kim. I used to be impressed when i used to be a child by Gundam and Transformers field artwork largely, that become comedian and manga artwork (Jim Lee, Art Adams, Simon Bisley, Masamune Shirow, Richard Corben, R. Crumb, Frazetta) there are such a lot of individuals I’ve been impressed or influenced by

Metal Gear Solid Art 4

GYL. How lengthy has the longest piece taken to attract?

Kim. Hmmm there’s been items i gave up on and years later i discovered once more and completed so it is exhausting to say. Longest was most likely about 5 years…I’m undecided 

Metal Gear Solid Art 5

Q. Why do you’re keen on MGS?  

Kim . I really like Metal Gear Solid as a result of its’ not only a senseless shooter. It’s kind of an anti-action recreation the place stealth and no kills is the main focus so i actually like that facet. Metal Gear Solid  has one of the best roster of characters and they’re all visually actually cool and authentic. Also its an anti-war recreation with a message of peace so whats to not like?

Metal Gear Solid Art 6

GYL.  Do you ever draw another characters?

Kim. Yes I’ve drawn the Metal Slug tank, Blaster Master, Doom, Street Fighter characters, Mario and extra I can not recall.

Metal Gear Solid Art 9

I really like video games and I really like reimagining characters in my drawing type so im fairly open to attract anybody from any recreation

Metal Gear Solid Art 8

LINKS & INFO on Kim & extra of his art work:



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