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Monster Spotlight: Every Wizard’s Best Friend – The Tiny Homunculus

If you’re a busy wizard who wants small errands run and foes spied on, chances are you’ll need to discover your native alchemist and make a Homunculus.

Homunculi have been part of folklore for the reason that sixteenth century. Popularized by alchemists of the time, the Homunculus originated as a illustration of a small human, often manufactured from clay. But the idea has stayed round and been utilized in popular culture and media for a whole bunch of years. Dungeons and Dragons has had its personal model of the Homunculus since first version. How does this model examine to mythology? And How has D&D’s Homunculus modified all through the years?

First Edition

Homunculi are created when a magic person and an alchemist spend a couple of weeks collaborating on a monstrous venture. The alchemist will take between one and 4 weeks to build up sufficient of the magic person’s blood and gold, and as soon as the bodily elements are collected, the magic person has to solid a mending spell, a minor picture, and a wizard eye on the fluids to type the Homunculus.

They are humanish in type however are solely about eighteen inches tall with greenish pores and skin, leathery wings, and a bat’s mouth with a venomous chew. There can also be a telepathic hyperlink between the magic person and the Homunculus, and if the creature is killed the magic person routinely takes two to twenty factors in injury.


Second Edition

Because of their small stature, Homunculi are sometimes utilized by magicians for spying and small magical duties. But when caught in battle, they’re fast and agile flyers with a needle-like venomous chew. Anyone bitten by a Homunculus should save versus poison or name asleep for 5d6 turns. Which, within the grand scheme of poisons might be lots worse.

But it’s lower than superb in the course of an encounter. Especially if the magician is close by. These creatures don’t happen naturally and haven’t any place within the pure ecosystem. And as soon as their creator dies, they to will soften away into nothing.


Third Edition

According to the textual content, the Homunculus continues to be “vaguely humanoid.” But in keeping with the artwork in 3E, the phrase ‘vague’ is placing in plenty of work. But whereas they’re by and huge the identical favored instrument of wizards, much more goes into making one now.

Construction of a Homunculus entails a combination of clay, ashes, mandrake root, spring water, after which among the creator’s blood. They are additionally considerably cheaper to create now, costing about fifty gold items in supplies and one other 5 hundred to assist the alchemist correctly put together their laboratory. That’s downright inexpensive; perhaps my character wants a Homunculus.


Fourth Edition

4E, as at all times, has extra choices than we’d like. Now there may be the Clay Scout, a small Homunculus typically tasked with guarding an object and remaining unseen till its time to assault. There can also be the Iron Defender, a medium-sized Homunculus typically tasked with defending one other creature by ensuring to remain near its cost always. Finally, the Iron Cobra is a medium-sized snake Homunculus, typically tasked with guarding a complete space. Its venomous chew inflicts ongoing poison injury, dazing and slowing its sufferer.


Fifth Edition

Like 4E, the latest version of D&D offers up on the Homunculus trying terribly humanoid in any respect. These constructs are virtually gargoyle-like in look and squirrel-like in measurement. But in addition they have a fairly full connection to their creators. The Homunculus will know no matter their grasp does, together with languages.

Everything one senses are identified to the opposite offered they’re on the identical aircraft. An particular person can solely have one Homunculus at a time although. If they try and create one other, the second try will at all times fail.

Have you encountered a Homunculus in your D&D adventures? Have you or anyone in your occasion ever had one as a spy or companion? What is your favourite instance of Homunculi in popular culture? tell us within the feedback!

Happy Adventuring!




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