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Stuck in Monument Valley? Here’s how you can full the fifth and closing space of Ida’s Dream, and how you can entry it within the Windmill Hub.

Monument Valley Walkthrough Table of Contents

  • Chapters 1 & 2
  • Chapter 3
  • Chapter 4
  • Chapter 5
  • Chapter 6
  • Chapter 7
  • Chapter 8
  • Chapter 9
  • Chapter 10
    • Green Area
    • Blue Area
    • Purple Area
  • Ida’s Dream
    • First Area
    • Second and Third Areas
    • Fourth Area
    • Fifth Area

Welcome to the Into Indie Games information for Monument Valley! This information was made with the Panoramic Edition in thoughts, however it ought to be legitimate for all variations of the sport.

For extra info on Monument Valley, take a look at the official web site right here.

Hub, 5

For the ultimate space door, rotate as a way to see the primary space door once more. Stand on the tile to the left of this door.

Turn the gear with the round handles that’s positioned on the center ground of the windmill, and switch it in order that the elevate subsequent to Ida comes all the way in which down.

Step on the elevate after which flip the gear to convey the elevate all the way in which up. Head by the ultimate door.

Fifth Area

Begin by transferring proper, to the second blue-marked tile. This tile is on a transferring platform, so seize the round handles on the backside and switch 90 levels clockwise. Step on the white space to the left.

Monument Valley screenshot

Turn 90 levels counterclockwise and step on the following blue-marked tile. Turn clockwise 90 levels and proceed to the following blue-marked tile (which is subsequent to your present tile). Now flip 90 levels counterclockwise, and go to the white tile simply to the left of the pointed yellow tower. You ought to wind up simply subsequent to a different blue-marked tile.

Turn 90 levels clockwise and click on on the tile on the finish of the ladder in order that Ida ‘climbs’ it. Step on the gray tile to the left right here, and rotate 180 levels. Go to the center tile of the straight movable block, after which rotate 90 levels clockwise.

Monument Valley screenshot

Now head on to the very high of the construction and stand within the center tile there. Rotate 90 levels clockwise and step onto the steps going through away from the digicam (this could be a bit fiddly to get proper). Once you’re on the steps (and never the movable block), rotate 180 levels.

Step on the tile subsequent to the steps, i.e. on the rotating pillar.

Rotate 90 levels counterclockwise and go to the lower-rightmost tile from this view. Rotate 90 levels counterclockwise once more and ‘descend’ the ladder to step on the yellow-marked tile on the transferring platform.

Rotate counterclockwise 90 levels and at last, head by the door.

Monument Valley screenshot

Hub, 6

After Totem is again, ship Ida again down the elevate utilizing the gear, after which to the tile she was on when the extent began, down the steps. Move Totem to her left.

Put Ida on high of Totem, which ought to be simply potential if Ida has a transparent path to the center ground and Totem is standing adjoining the center ground.

With Ida on high of Totem, transfer Totem all the way in which to the elevate.

Raise the elevate with the gear and head over to the pedestal to complete Ida’s Dream.



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