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More Dominaria United spoilers abound in the present day. This time with management and tempo, as a result of it’s all about blue. Which means no person has any enjoyable.

Sometimes, it’s not sufficient to win a sport of Magic. You additionally should guarantee that your opponent loses. And if you need to do this? It’s time to interrupt out the blue playing cards.

Nothing says “oh you thought you’d get to actually play a card?” like throwing down a blue deck. But, the instances are altering, a minimum of a bit. And blue is in a fairly fascinating spot for Dominaria United, a minimum of in accordance with these spoilers.

Dominaria United – Blue Spoilers

We get a style of blue’s favourite tactic on this first batch of Dominaria United spoilers. The Coral Colony is a superb mill engine. Whether you might want to mill your self, your opponent, or the participant on the desk subsequent to you.

We additionally get a take a look at a few of blue’s absolute worth. Aether Channeler brings a wide range of results, there’s a number of card draw, and that looks like it’ll play properly with blue and crimson.

Of course it wouldn’t be Dominaria United if there weren’t Phyrexians oozing out of each floor. And that’s true with blue too. The Defiler of Dreams has the identical “pay life instead of [color] mana” impact we’ve seen on different Phyrexian defilers. And gamers of Djinn will discover some superb buddies on this batch of Dominaria United blue spoilers.

From Fountain Djinn to Haughty Djinn there’s all kinds of fascinating stuff for Djinn decks in Dominaria United. Also loads of methods to close down all kinds of spells. Including a counter for creature spells and one for noncreature spells.

Blue additionally instructions a number of phantasm, which could assist Planeswalkers fend off the Phyrexians.

Everything actually appears to be getting determined, even within the islands of Dominaria.

But maybe the Tolarian Academy and the Vodalians can come collectively.

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