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Necromunda: Escher Ash Wastes Upgrade Pack

Necromunda: Escher Ash Wastes Upgrade Pack


If your Escher Gang is heading into the Ash Wastes you then’re going to wish to deliver the proper gear with this Upgrade Pack.

The Ash Wastes of Necromunda are an inhospitable wasteland of poisonous desert and ash. Heading on the market from the “safety” of the Hive is a idiot’s errand except you deliver the proper gear. This new Escher Upgrade Pack from Forge World has all the proper instruments you’ll want.

through Warhammer Community

“Give your gang a fighting chance with the Escher Ash Wastes Upgrades pack from Forge World – a 30-piece resin toolkit guaranteed to make your matrons stand out in their next wasteland dust-up.”

Escher Ash Wastes Upgrade Pack

The new set from Forge World comprises 10 heads, 10 backpacks, and 10 chem-packs crammed with Emperor-knows-what. The heads have two vital style-upgrades: Eye safety and a rebreather. You don’t wish to get caught exterior the spires with out both of these items of kit. The backpacks look cool and add some further aptitude to your gangers. Plus, they’ve a bunch of room for further issues like ammo, chems, trophies, loot, and …water? Look, I dunno what’s in these packs however they may rating you some further fashion factors.

By itself, this improve pack doesn’t present any precise in recreation results it does make your gangers look far more ready for adventuring within the Ash Wastes. There are guidelines for varied items of wargear you’ll be able to equip your gangers with and you should use these further doodads to signify these gadgets. It’s a pleasant contact!

Gear up your Escher Gangers for an expedition into the Ash Wastes of Necromunda!


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