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Hi all, I need to create water reflection in my sport. I learn few tutorials and understood I would like to make use of second mirrored digital camera and render texture than I’ll render in airplane, however I get bother with the fallacious measurement of render texture, or with airplane I don’t know precisely.
Here is what I achieved:
Here is my world with 2 cameras (first important, second mirror reflaction)

within the backside is blue airplane what I’m utilizing for render texture, now in play mode I’ll disable haxagons and you’ll see my rendered texture in airplane:

As you see, the rendered texture, smaller than 3D hexagons.
My render texture has 1024×1024 measurement, and airplane scale is (1, 1, 1), so I don’t know what I’m doing fallacious.

One factor I seen that my important digital camera has isWindowSize property true, when my reflection digital camera doesn’t have this one, as a result of it has render texture. I attempted to vary the dimensions of reflection digital camera and render texture to match important’s digital camera width and peak within the code, however the measurement nonetheless was fallacious.

please present each digital camera settings, the digital camera fov and projection should even be aligned



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