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New Minecraft Legends trailer | Minecraft

New Minecraft Legends trailer | Minecraft


In June, we gave you the primary peek on the Overworld of Minecraft Legends, the upcoming motion technique recreation set to increase the Minecraft universe. While it’ll be a while earlier than all of us get to play it, there’s additionally loads to find earlier than you step into the hero’s boots – just like the piglin-packed trailer we’re revealing at Gamescom 2022.

If you’re not conversant in the world of Minecraft Legends but, you’ll be able to catch up right here. And in case your gadget is already buckling beneath the load of all its open tabs like mine, let me provide you with a really fast recap. The Overworld of Legends is a shocking and once-peaceful land that’s beneath the specter of the ravaging piglins – and it’s as much as you to unite some new associates (and a few older… acquaintances) to defend this world.

If the announce trailer left you questioning how large a menace the piglins actually are, then prepare. While you may have to expertise the legend for your self to see the piglins at their hungriest, our new Fiery Foes trailer will reveal much more of what you’ll be able to count on once you decide up the hero’s banner:



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