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People are Weird – additionally the ticket-fiasco – Indiecator

People are Weird – additionally the ticket-fiasco – Indiecator


So, yesterday, I principally was busy for the entire day and successfully got here house considerably late (round 10 PM ish?). It was a protracted day as I lastly mounted my sleep schedule and I consequently awakened within the morning (versus falling asleep within the morning and waking up within the afternoon).

I did a brief stream discussing GamesCom questions and issues folks needed to speak about.

I then received prepared for mentioned occasion the place I needed to ask the questions, took the practice, survived the warmth, and after I was there, I wasn’t allowed entry with my “ticket” due to some easy miscommunication.

When I used to be invited to the IAB Press Reception, I believed that that may entail that the “ticket” is definitely a ticket that permits me entrance. Well, no. I’d have had to purchase a ticket for 55€ – which I can’t do. I therefore went forward and left and returned very late to the principle station the place I’d watch for the bus house. Whatever.

But there, on the primary station, I had this extremely bizarre interplay with folks.

So, my bus was gonna take ten minutes to reach, so I needed to sit down down on this bench. As per normal.

But after I sat down, there have been these girls on the opposite facet of the in any other case empty bench who mentioned “See? I told you he’d come over!”

Naturally, I requested if there’s a drawback. I principally was form of aggravated by the warmth, the tardy trains, the entire ticket fiasco, and all of that. I’d have let it slide in any other case and simply not engaged with them… however they have been speaking about me, so I needed to know if there was an issue with me sitting on the opposite facet of this bench.

Anyway, one in all these girls was explaining how they thought I’d come over and sit very shut subsequent to her. That, nevertheless, is such a bizarre factor to say for my part.

Hence, I requested: “Why would I sit down right next to you when there is plenty of space on the other end of the bench?”

And then… she very confidently instructed me that she thought I’d get tremendous near her to sexually harass her or one thing. Her good friend there agreed to that sentiment.

Now, clearly, that’s a legitimate concern. Sometimes you don’t really feel protected.

But that results in the query: Do I appear to be a molester? I shaved my beard off at present. Would this have occurred with the totally grown beard as properly? Do my sandals give off the impression that I’m some form of creep?

I didn’t ask them that. I merely didn’t say something to that. One of them went on some quasi-racist rant about “people from outside of this city” apparently doing that actually usually… At that time, I put my headphones into my ears and simply put my music on full blast.

I felt insulted, although. That’s such a impolite and bizarre accusation to make, on high of it being baseless since she had her stuff on the seat subsequent to her. I doubt I may sit on that. It would most likely be fairly uncomfortable with the keys and her purse and whatnot.

But folks don’t assume that far forward, I assume. Typically, after I don’t need folks to sit down subsequent to me, I put my bag there to cease folks from sitting down. If the bench is full, I put it on my lap or I rise up and stroll away.

And like, I get that that’s a legitimate concern. Not the racist stuff – the stuff about sexual harassment. I get that it comes from a spot of expertise and damage and concern… besides, you don’t simply say these issues out loud in entrance of somebody that you just assume may sexually harass you. That’s a bizarre factor to do.

There have been instances after I thought that I received adopted by somebody. There have been additionally instances that I believed that I used to be getting eyed by some sketchy-looking dudes… however I by no means thought of letting these folks know that I really feel threatened or one thing.

If you encounter three folks in a darkish alleyway, you don’t usually go as much as them and say “Hey, you look like you’re gonna stab me!” – even when they ask if there’s an issue. You’ll simply go away. Quickly. Because you don’t wanna get stabbed.

…and I do know… I do know… missed alternative. I may have instructed these folks that I’m not a molester or that I’ve by no means molested anybody and that I don’t intend to alter that… like… in any respect… I may have mentioned one thing impolite as properly however I didn’t wish to go there. I had a couple of strains in my head that sounded fairly humorous… however in addition they have been extremely impolite.

Anyway, persons are bizarre. I felt fairly insulted by that interplay and albeit, I simply wanted to vent about it in a publish. Today, I’ll be on the GamesCom (this time for positive). I’ll most likely write up a brand new evaluation or a couple of interviews within the subsequent few days. Look ahead to that.

This publish was first revealed on Indiecator by Dan Indiecator aka MagiWasTaken. If you want what you see right here and wish to see extra, you’ll be able to examine me out on Twitch and YouTube as properly.



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