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phrase – Whites of Their Eyes



First we resolve the clues noticing that

they’re all 5 letters lengthy and there are a whole lot of I’s in them

ASCII Encoding the place F equals seventy
MIIKA _____ Tenkula, a heavy steel musician
ICICI Vadodara monetary providers firm & financial institution
LUIGI Tall brother in Tremendous Mario
ISHII Tomohiro _____, a Japanese skilled wrestler

Then we

in line with the title, coloration the I’s white
enter image description here


deciphering every 5-letter phrase as a 5-digit binary quantity with white I’s as 1’s and others as 0’s, we get the numbers 3 12 21 5 19


A1Z26 we get the phrase CLUES

We take a look at the

clues. Every is 5 phrases. Some phrases have I’s and a few do not.


the phrases with I’s as 1’s and those with out as 0’s we once more get 5 5-digit binary numbers: 16 1 12 5 18

Once more utilizing

A1Z26 we get the phrase: PALER which aptly describes the whites of their eyes



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