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Zamazenta will quickly be coming again to a Pokemon Go Gym close to you for a limited-time look in five-star raid battles. This Legendary Pokemon returns after an extended absence together with Pokemon Go’s Pokemon World Championship occasion. We haven’t seen Zamazenta in raids in Pokemon Go for a couple of 12 months because it and Zacian have been initially launched, so new gamers, and people who may be getting back from a break, are possible able to battle the Warrior Pokemon and add it to their collections. Veterans even have the chance to earn extra Candy and Candy XL to energy up those they could have already got.

Zamazenta Raid Schedule

Zamazenta will seem as a five-star raid boss beginning 10 AM native time on August 18, and can stay in five-star raids till the identical time on August 31, however will probably be sharing that spot with its “sibling” Zacian. Raids don’t typically comply with a set schedule, and Zamazenta raids will seem randomly at Gyms all over the world throughout this time interval, however you’ll obtain a notification from the sport when a raid is about to start close by.

Your finest probability to discover a Zamazenta raid (or plenty of them) is in the course of the Raid Hours by which Zamazenta will likely be solely featured. Every Wednesday from 6 PM to 7 PM native time, the vast majority of Gyms host five-star raids for Trainers to work collectively to take down. There are two raid hours occurring throughout Zamazenta’s keep in raids, however solely the second on August 31 will characteristic Zamazenta (August 24’s raid hour will solely characteristic [Zacian](insert hyperlink to Zacian information)). As at all times, you’ll want your free day by day Raid Pass or a Premium Battle Pass to hitch a raid in particular person, or a Remote Raid Pass to hitch a raid remotely.

Can I Catch a Shiny Zamazenta?

Despite this being Zamazenta’s second time being featured in five-star raids in Pokemon Go, its shiny kind continues to be not obtainable. This could make some Trainers determine to attend till its inevitable shiny launch in some unspecified time in the future sooner or later, however that is nonetheless an excellent alternative to earn Candy and Candy XL to have the ability to energy up any of the Zamazenta you could have caught.

Zamazenta Weaknesses and Counters

Zamazenta is a Fighting-type Pokemon. This means it’s weak to Psychic, Flying and Fairy-type assaults. Some beneficial Pokemon embody:

  • Psychic: Mewtwo, Mega Latios, Hoopa Unbound, Alakazam
  • Flying: Mega Pidgeot, Moltres, Honchkrow, Staraptor
  • Fairy: Gardevoir, Togekiss, Sylveon

A Mega Tip: A Mega Evolved Pokemon boosts the harm of all Pokemon within the raid by 10%, and the harm of all Pokemon utilizing assaults that share a sort with the Mega Evolved Pokemon by 30%. Coordinate these Megas along with your raid group for added harm. Note: Mega Altaria boosts your allies’ Fairy-type assaults, however due to its defensively-oriented stats and lack of a Fairy-type quick transfer, it gained’t contribute a lot harm of its personal.

Don’t be afraid of the shadows: Shadow Pokemon deal 20% extra harm than their non-shadow counterparts, so the shadow variations of any of the recommended Pokemon which have them may also help you win.

Types to Avoid

Zamazenta’s Fighting-type assaults like Close Combat will deal super-effective harm to Dark, Steel, Rock, Ice, and Normal-type Pokemon, and different strikes like Crunch can present it protection in opposition to the Psychic varieties which are usually robust in opposition to it. Also remember the fact that Fighting-type Pokemon like Zamazenta resist Dark, Bug, and Rock-type assaults. Stay away from most of these Pokemon.


Should you raid Zamazenta past registering it in your Pokédex? Zamazenta lacks a Fighting-type quick transfer, which means it’s principally outclassed by different Fighting-type Pokemon as a raid attacker that may deal out extra constant Fighting-type harm like Machamp and Lucario. Zamazenta additionally has one other kind, the Crowned Shield kind, which can possible get launched in Pokemon Go in some unspecified time in the future sooner or later. This kind will get even higher stats, features the secondary Steel typing, and should have a unique moveset that might make it extra helpful in raids. Zamazenta can’t be encountered at a low sufficient CP to be eligible for Great League, and doesn’t carry out very effectively in Ultra League, but it surely does have some area of interest play in Master League. It’s certainly not a necessity to have one, however its versatile arsenal of charged transfer and big power technology from Snarl can throw off unsuspecting opponents.

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