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Pokémon Scarlet & Violet’s Vtuber Gym Leader Has A New Monster

Iono and Bellibolt jump into a hideous mess of purple.

Screenshot: The Pokémon Company

Remember Tuesday? The day that Game Freak launched a video for Pokémon Scarlet And Violet teasing a brand new electric-type monster. It revealed Iona, a Gym Leader for subsequent month’s recreation who appears like a vtuber and clickbaits like one, too. Today, we get to know the model new Pokémon who shall be her in-game fundamental.

It’s Bellibolt, which appears like a Politoad moved in subsequent door to a McDonald’s. Did you guess proper? Did you guess a Pokémon that has by no means existed earlier than?! Iono actually trolls on this new video concerning the soiled practices.

The Pokémon Company

“Save this scene in your brainspaces forever!”

Let me inform you about “EleFrog Pokémon” Bellibolt. It’s a squishy Electric-type, and expands and contracts its physique with a purpose to generate electrical energy, which it does “in an organ that looks like a belly button.” That’s not the one a part of its physique that isn’t what it appears like—these “eyes” on the edges of its head are the truth is the bumps from which it discharges its electrical energy. Which is horrifying. The tiny dots above its mouth are its true kawaii eyes.

One of its capability is Electromorphosis, which is model new too, and permits Bellibolt to primarily take in vitality from enemy assaults, making its follow-up extra highly effective. Which is unquestionably neat.

We additionally discovered a bit extra about Iono herself, which is that she’s the Gym Leader for a area known as Levincia, and makes a speciality of Electric-types. It’ll be fascinating to see if her frenetic streaming movies seem within the recreation, too, and certainly whether or not there shall be an try to localize them, or depart her voice within the unique Japanese.

A second shorter video additionally appeared at present, this one exhibiting Iono and Bellibolt in battle, and in addition a Bellibolt out within the wild, preventing different wild monsters.

The Pokémon Company

Only 5 extra weeks of this insanity earlier than the sport is lastly truly in our palms and Switches, on November 18.




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