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Post Halloween gaming | GamesYouBeloved

With Halloween simply over –  we loved the retro gaming theme a lot at GamesYouBeloved we requested visitor author, Wyn James to give you one thing applicable to remedy our Post Halloween blues…

Article by Wyn James – @Hekatonchieres

Bram Stoker’s Dracula. SNES – 1993. Released by Psygnosis – Sony Imagesoft


Mwhahahaaa…..properly, because it’s Halloween simply gone, I believed it might be applicable that I’d do a assessment of an outdated SNES recreation known as Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

My memorable a part of this recreation is in fact lastly defeating the Lord of Darkness himself, Dracula. Weird factor about this recreation is of the ‘explosive’ sound results. You’ll see what I imply whenever you play the sport, however that did not put me off from taking part in this addictive scary recreation.

Any Dracula followers will get pleasure from slaying all of the enemies that confront your vampire hunter hero Jonathan Harker. There are 7 ranges every with numerous day and evening sections, plus unbelievable 3-D graphics deliver to life the chilly, darkish dungeons of Castle Dracula. By day, you will battle bloodthirsty bats and toxic spiders in your seek for weapons. Your hero will not be as nimble and fluent in motion as Simon Belmont, however he is simply as sturdy. 

Dracula SNES Game

All Dracula followers ought to know what the primary mission is….slay Dracula and rescue the honest Mina.

The launch for the SNES and Sega Mega Drive/Genesis releases have been platforming motion video games which can be similar to one another, however have just a few alterations relying on the model. In the sport the participant takes on the function of Jonathan Harker.

Throughout the degrees, Abraham Van Helsing will assist Jonathan in his quest by offering superior weapons.

Dracula Vlad

The recreation is of the side-scrolling style. In the sport, Jonathan Harker travels via six totally different levels (every having between quite a few areas, apart from the ultimate stage which solely has one space) and fights numerous bosses, comparable to Lucy Westenra as a vampiress, Count Dracula’s three brides, Dracula’s coach driver, Dracula’s fire-breathing dragon, Renfield, and even Dracula himself in a number of kinds, comparable to his bat type, his younger type, his evil wolf type and at last his knight type.

Levels within the recreation embody the Romanian countryside, a rat-infested outdated village inn, Dracula’s fort, Dracula’s cavernous vaults, Dracula’s misty catacombs, numerous places in London, Lucy’s crypt, a graveyard and Carfax Abbey.

Rules of the sport:

  • Controls are Left and Right, Crouching, use your weapon, leaping, and you may Jump slash as properly.
  • You start every recreation with 5 lives. Three vitality beakers equal one life. All it takes to lose an Energy beaker is one blow from an enemy, so you’ve got been warned!!
  • An arrow leads you thru every stage.
  • Finally, there are lots of Pick ups within the recreation – every with its personal particular operate. Pick ups are positioned after you discover Doctor Van Helsing in chosen factors all through the extent. to gather a Pick up, it’s essential to crouch to acquire it.

So, put together and sharpen your stakes for this backbone chilling recreation!

Article by Wyn James – @Hekatonchieres



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