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Quoridor jumps on the fringe of the board

from the principles right here

When two pawns face one another on neighbouring squares which aren’t
separated by a fence, the participant whose flip it’s can leap the
opponent’s pawn (and place himself behind him), thus advancing an
additional sq. (fig.6). If there’s a fence behind the mentioned pawn, the
participant can place his pawn to the left or the precise of the opposite pawn
(fig.8 and 9)

The diagrams taken from rules.

So in instance one the white participant could not transfer forward as that goes off the sting of the board. If the white participant needs to leap the black pawn they might transfer left of proper

In your second instance the black participant with partitions both facet blocks entry to that particular sq. they’re are in. I do not assume they “block all of the paths to the sting”. As white can transfer backwards and go round to left or the precise.

If it’s doable for a participant to achieve the other facet of the board, irrespective of how lengthy the trail, then they don’t have all paths to the sting blocked.



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