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recreation maker – How can I make relative motion in GameMaker studio?

I do know I can change the hspeed and vspeed properties on my object. Assume I do it for the directional diamond in a squared-style motion recreation (not necesarily snapping to tiles, however it may). So the next situations apply (for any fixed Okay) for my obj_Hero object:

  • Pressing UP: vspeed is -Okay, hspeed is 0
  • Pressing DOWN: vspeed is Okay, hspeed is 0
  • Pressing LEFT: vspeed is 0, hspeed is -Okay
  • Pressing RIGHT: vspeed is 0, hspeed is +Okay
  • Otherwis: vspeed and hspeed are 0
  • Only one directional arrow on the identical time might be thought of (the final pressed).

My participant begins from place of an obj_Start object, and wins when reaching (colliding) an obj_End object. In the meantime, an obj_Enemy might be chasing the participant utilizing a step keep away from technique to keep away from the participant. The participant loses if the enemy collides with him. Assuming I can appropriately choose the enemy present route sprite, I’m carried out.

So far, so good.

Now assume some components of my recreation have transferring platforms. They have a particular platform velocity vector (PSH, PSV), assuming I’ve such constants.

I do know I may at all times situation my participant motion velocity to be:

  • (Okay + PSH, PSV) for participant transferring proper
  • (-Okay + PSH, PSV) for participant transferring left
  • (PSH, Okay + PSV) for participant transferring down
  • (PSH, -Okay + PSV) for participant transferring up
  • (PSH, PSV) for participant not transferring

But… How do I alter (relative to the platform motion, as I do with the participant) the enemy motion when it’s truly generated by the step avoiding technique?



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