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Replaying Rick Harmful on the Commodore 64

Replaying Rick Harmful on the Commodore 64


Rick Harmful, developed by Core Design and launched in 1989, is a platform sport set throughout 4 ranges – a South American Cave, an Egyptian Pyramid, a German Fort and a Missle Base. 

Article by https://twitter.com/retrotap aka Richard Tappenden

Every stage has many screens consisting of devious traps, pixel good jumps and quite a lot of completely different enemy sorts that you just both need to keep away from or destroy. 

Rickdangerous Loading Screen

As well as, stage 3 (Schwarzendumpf Fort) is a form of labyrinth, the place sure display screen exits lead you again spherical to beforehand visited elements of the map. Rick is armed with a pistol that holds 6 bullets, 6 sticks of dynamite and a (surprisingly helpful) stick.  The intention of every stage is absolutely simply to make your technique to the exit, however there are additionally collectible artifacts to choose up for factors.  As you progress by the extent, you’ll find refills to your ammunition.  The restriction in regards to the ammunition and the location of provides means there’s a useful resource administration aspect to the sport too – you might want to be sure you have enough provides to get by the screens forward. The graphics for the sport are nice – many of the sprites are very well drawn and the backgrounds are assorted and attention-grabbing. 

Rick himself is a properly drawn cartoon character, and the sport is filled with humour all through.  There’s additionally a very nice use of foreground surroundings – Rick (and enemies) typically stroll behind columns and the posts, which is an impact I’ve not seen to usually in C64 video games.  The sound is okay – there’s a brief thematic intro ditty to every stage, then it goes to sound results – all of that are respectable sufficient. Nonetheless, it’s a tough sport that may shortly get irritating.  Most of the traps will not be signal posted, and it’s important to take plenty of leaps of religion, which is able to usually find yourself with you impaled on spikes or on the ft of an sad native.  There are occasions the jumps need to be near pixel good – both as a result of distance, or on account of obstacles round you.

The builders clearly recognised this by providing you with 6 lives to begin with when most video games on the time gave you 3. Some folks name Rick Harmful an “unfair” sport.  I don’t agree – it’s devious for positive, however it’s constant – the traps are all the time in the identical place – which makes a big distinction to me.  You may be taught the sport.  The primary time you lose a life to a lure, that’s annoying.  Possibly even the second time.  However there comes some extent within the sport the place it’s best to know that lure is there and should you nonetheless get caught by it, that’s on you – not the sport. When the sport was launched in 1989, I’d have been 10 and there’s no means I’d have purchased it then – so I both picked up the price range model or a second hand copy some years later. 

I keep in mind loving the concept of Rick Harmful.  Right here was an excellently drawn cartoon model of Indiana Jones, trotting round an thrilling cave, armed with a pistol and dynamite.  You might be thrown straight in with a boulder run harking back to Raiders of the Misplaced Ark. 

Rick Dangerous C64 Artwork

However it was so extremely laborious, and as a child aged someplace between 10 and 12 (at a guess), I wouldn’t have caught with it for very lengthy.  I had a reasonably large assortment of video games, so I’d have turned it off the minute it received laborious, and loaded one thing else up or gone outdoors to play soccer. So again within the day – though I believed it seemed great, I didn’t actually prefer it.

Replaying Rick once more….

A couple of months in the past, I met up with a buddy of mine, and we began enjoying Rick Harmful on the Amiga.  We took turns, and it shortly received somewhat aggressive, with every of us attempting to get somewhat additional than the opposite. 

Rick Dangerous C64 Cassette Case

By the tip of the session, we nonetheless hadn’t made it by Stage 1, however I felt I had received to grips with the sport and wished to play some extra.  I don’t have the Amiga model, so we each turned our consideration to the C64 model and stored up the aggressive edge – sharing our scores and progress with one another to egg us on.

As I began to be taught the place the completely different traps are, which leaps to make, when to make use of dynamite and when to shoot, the sport grew to become an increasing number of satisfying.  As an alternative of getting pissed off with the sport once I noticed the sport over display screen (which I noticed loads), I received pissed off with myself for losing lives on issues I ought to have averted. 

It didn’t take too lengthy to get by Stage 1. Stage 2 broke me for fairly some time.  There’s a display screen the place it’s important to completely time two jumps throughout platforms while avoiding quickly firing arrows. After many, many makes an attempt – I took to youtube to look at another person play it.  This helped immensely as I may see how they tackled it, and replicated it myself. 

Not lengthy after, I accomplished stage 2 and felt fairly elated.  By the way there’s an enemy sort on Stage 2 that chases after you – and I couldn’t fairly work out what it was alleged to be.  To my eyes, it seemed a bit like Dr Zoidberg from Futurama!  Nonetheless having seemed on the Amiga model it’s a man in a Fez! Stage 3 kicked my arse immediately.  It was unhealthy sufficient that it’s important to keep away from a hurtling canine as quickly because it begins, however then it’s important to negotiate a set off glad rifleman. 

As soon as you determine the timing to get previous him, it does get a bit simpler – however the entire stage is a labyrinth.  Many screens have a number of exits, and should you take the mistaken one, you’re routed again to an earlier display screen – with all of the enemies again in place.  Finally, I discovered the suitable means by this stage, and I made it to stage 4. Stage 4 is one other one which begins actually quick – with an enemy shortly closing on you, one other rifleman firing away and the one platform to leap to has a guard on it.  The traps are actually devious and caught me many instances. As a result of I wanted to get higher at this stage, and I didn’t need to need to repeatedly do the earlier 3 to have the ability to practise, I turned to a coach with infinite lives.  T

his was a large assist, as I may maintain practising the degrees to be taught the traps and the jumps, till I received to a degree the place I felt I knew sufficient in regards to the stage to offer it one other ‘legit’ playthrough. Finally, after many makes an attempt and fairly a couple of ‘shut however no cigar’ moments, I made it. 

I accomplished the sport – enjoying proper by with none cheats or save states. 

I used to be completely satisfied to bits with myself – but it surely needs to be stated after such a very long time enjoying the sport, the ending is fairly disappointing. You might be introduced with a textual content display screen, a brief tune, after which the sport over display screen – what a let down!

My opinion of the sport has undoubtedly modified – having the endurance to continue learning the sport was a key issue.  Each time I received a bit additional I felt a way of feat. 

Finally, it’s a sport that requires persistence, however is price placing the time into.

Article by https://twitter.com/retrotap aka Richard Tappenden 



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