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Retro Gaming Discussion Show: RGDS 189

Welcome to a different wonderful episode of RGDS the place we focus on and look what video video games had been launched in 1981 and resolve what the very best recreation was launched that 12 months?

Joining us on the podcast is common hosts Paul “The Drisk” Driscoll, Andy “Cranky Gramps” Godoy and Garron “G Man” Tungate .  Joining us although we even have the wonderful Victor Marland from the sensible ten pence arcade podcast (

So be part of us as we undergo this wonderful 12 months…

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Show Notes:

Amidar (Konami)
Video of Game:
For extra about this recreation then try:

Astro Blaster (SEGA / Gremlin)
Video of  Game:
For extra in regards to the recreation then try:
Video of BBC Homebrew Port:

Astro Wars (AKA Galaxy or Galaxians 2)
Video of Game:
Free Windows simulation of recreation :  – named Galaxy 2.  There is a paid simulator additionally on Android and iOS.

Pacman 2 (Entex)
Video of Game:

Galaxian 2 (Entex)
Video of Game:

Caveman (Tomy)
Video of Game:

Munchman (Grandstand)
Video of Game:

 Munchman Mini (Grandstand)
Video of Game:
Online simulation of recreation:

For simulators on lots of the Game & Watch titles then try right here…

Castle Wolfenstein (MUSE)
Video of Game:

Donkey Kong (Nintendo):
Video of Game:

Freeway – Atari VCS (Activision)
Video of Game:

Frogger (Konami)
Video of Game:

Galaga (Namco)
Video of Game:
Ridge Racer Revolution Galaga:

Ladybug (Universal)
Video of Game:

Ms Pacman (Midway)
Video of Game:
Crazy Otto Original Game:
In-depth speak – Crazy Otto to Ms Pacman:

Scramble (Konami)
Video of Game:

Super Cobra (Konami)
Video of Game:

Defender (Williams)
Video of Game:

Stargate (Williams)
Video of Game:

Tempest (Atari)
Video of Game:

Turbo (SEGA)
Video of Game:

Ultima 1 – Apple 2 (Origin)
Video of Game:

Wizadry 1 – Apple 2 (Sir-Tech)
In-depth Interview:

Vanguard (SNK)
Video of Game:

Turtles (Konami)
Video of Game:

Bosconian (Namco)
Video of Game:

Qix (Taito)
Video of Game:



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