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The reply in response to me is,

The individuals standing within the nice line:

Swede, Icelander and Norwegian with Icelander and Norwegian holding arms.

The individuals standing within the disagreeable line:

Slovenian, Canarian and Mauritian with every of them standing individually.

This appears to be a puzzle about:

National Flags

Three members of the nice line have:

National Flags with a cross in them.
Iceland and Norway have a white border to their crosses and therefore they’re holding arms whereas Sweden would not have a border to it is cross.

enter image description here

Three members of the disagreeable line have:

National Flags with totally different options.
Slovenia has horizontal tricolour, Canary Islands has vertical tricolour and Mauritius has horizontal stripes of 4 colors. Hence they’re standing other than one another.

enter image description here



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