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sample – What is a Bird metropolis™?

If a metropolis conforms to a particular rule, I name it a Bird metropolis™.
Each metropolis within the World will be examined. This is just not a definitive record of Bird cities™.

Bird cities™ Not Bird cities™
Paris – France Bergamo – Italy
Osaka – Japan Munich – Germany
New York – United States of America San Francisco – United States of America
Bogota – Colombia Seville – Spain
Marrakesh – Morocco Liverpool – England
Oxford – England Boston – United States of America
Savannakhet – Laos Shanghai – China
Doha – Qatar Lyon – France
Mykonos – Greece Venice – Italy

Find the rule which determines whether or not or not a metropolis is named a Bird City™.

Although it’s a little impressed by the What is a Word™/Phrase™ collection began by JLee, it’s not precisely in the identical spirit. In specific, there isn’t a word-property tag.

twenty first of February, creating first trace

I’m planning so as to add a primary trace which can double the variety of examples. Please ask for cities you need me to inform whether or not they’re Bird cities or not in feedback and when the variety of requested cities will attain 18, the primary trace might be revealed.

First Hint 1 in progress

Note: I am unable to make my markdown desk trace into spoiler, are you able to assist please 😀 ?

Bird cities™ Not Bird cities™
Jakarta – Indonesia
@ophact – twenty first of February
East Grestin – Russia
@notalentgeek twenty second of February
Quebec City – Canada
@Auribouros – 21s of February
Lutetia – Roman Empire
@xyldke – twenty second of February
Cambridge – England and UK
@quarague twenty first of February
Bremen – Germany
@xyldke – twenty fifth of February
Amsterdam – Netherlands
@notalengeek twenty second of February
Mylkolayiv – Ukraine
twenty third of February
Gotham City – USA
@notalengeek twenty second of February
Lviv – Ukraine
twenty third of February
East and West Berlin – Germany – Cold War
@Auribouros twenty fourth of February
Odessa- Ukraine
twenty third of February
Glasgow – Scotland
@xyldke – twenty fifth of February
Brooklyn – USA – 1897
@xyldke – twenty fifth of February
New York City – USA – 1897
@xyldke – twenty fifth of February
Roma – Italia
@xyldke – 1st of March
Stormwind – World of Warcraft
@Auribouros – twenty first of June

In the following desk, I wouldn’t have sufficient information to find out whether or not it’s a Bird metropolis™ or not.

To be found later Member and asking date
East Grestin – Arstotzka @notalentgeek twenty second of February

Note: I used to be requested a number of cities that don’t exist anymore. Please observe that though getting to move Bird Cities is feasible, there isn’t a historical past tag on this puzzle 🙂

Second Hint twenty first of June

A Bird metropolis™ could also be known as a Crow Flies metropolis™



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