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Hemant Mehta’s New York Times crossword—Amy’s write-up

NY Times crosswrod answer, 8 20 22, no. 0820

Ha, there are a number of religion-oriented entries on this puzzle, which struck me as humorous since I’d simply learn this week’s Friendly Atheist e-newsletter (which is by Hemant). “GOD, YES,” THE MAGI, LDS, the RED SEA with a biblical clue? Wasn’t anticipating that!

I just like the drama that performs out within the central stack:

  • 28a. [Demand for honesty], “DON’T LIE TO ME.” Tell it to me straight.
  • 30a. [Expression in an uncomfortable situation], FORCED SMILE. “Oh god, he’s telling it to me straight. I wasn’t ready for that.”
  • 31a. [“No need to elaborate”], “I UNDERSTAND.” In this dialogue, this line is claimed quietly, with pursed lips and downcast eyes.

Generally I’m not a fan of together with a number of “I” quotes in a grid, however I didn’t discover the overlap whereas fixing. There are 4, although! I DID, I SAID SO, and I PRESUME together with 31a. How do you people really feel about such repeats?

Fave fill: MALALA, PROMO CODES, SHRINK WRAP (terrific clue, [Moving film?], although I see that MOVE within the grid), ONE-TIME USE, SORDID (I really like these -id adjectives), FUTURIST, SISTER CITY, FOOL’S GOLD, BOW OUT.

Four extra issues:

  • 6d. [Plight of the 1%?], LOW BATTERY. Love it!
  • 26d. [King Arthur’s slayer], MORDRED. I drew an entire clean on this until I had a pair letters in place and out of the blue dredged up MORDRED. Thank you, 1981 film Excalibur!
  • 26a. [Locale for a pin], MAT. As within the wrestling mat.
  • 34a. [It’s raised by the best], BAR. This clue raises the bar for intelligent clues.

Four stars from me.

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