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Trenton Charlson’s New York Times crossword—Amy’s recap

NY Times crossword answer, 12 24 22, no. 1224

Nice framing within the grid, with 4 stacked pairs of 15s set contained in the grid’s edges: “YOU’RE ONLY LONELY” (I checked out the YouTube of this tune, which was successful once I was in junior excessive however it doesn’t sound remotely acquainted! I’ll take the Motels’ “Only the Lonely” as an alternative), “SO CLOSE, (and) YET SO FAR,” (my ear desires that “and”), ELECTRICAL POWER, BEETHOVEN’S THIRD, DOOR-TO-DOOR SALES, EUCALYPTUS TREES, BEFORE YOU KNOW IT (my fave right here), ALABAMA SLAMMERS. The octet of 15s don’t depart a lot house for different longish fill, do they?

Mystery: ESS is clued [Shape of a logistic curve]. I for one have by no means heard of a logistic curve. Regardless, not one of the clues actually stumped me, and the puzzle performed like a Friday.

55d. [Old televangelism org.], PTL. Praise the Lord! This was … Jim Bakker? Or Pat Robertson? Checking … yep, Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker’s present, on Robertson’s TV “network.” If you might be below 45 years previous, I might not count on you to have ever heard of this (until you watched that Tammy Faye film with Jessica Chastain, I’ll wager it comes up there).

33a. [Pontiac, for one], OTTAWA. Pontiac the 1700s chief, not the automobile.

ODEON, STENOS, OTHO, plural OYS? These are within the debit column for me.

3.5 stars.







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