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SFC Game 92 – Hi no Ouji Yamato Takeru

Hi no Ouji Yamato Takeru (火の皇子 ヤマトタケル), launched 9/29/1995, developed by MIT and Aim, printed by Toho

Sigh. You would suppose that by the tip of 1995 designers had discovered find out how to make a minimum of an honest sport, however stuff like this retains showing. The title would recommend it’s patterned after the well-known determine from early Japanese myth-history, Yamato Takeru. It does appear to happen in early Japan (type of) and a few of the occasions of the story are primarily based on the Yamato Takeru fable, nevertheless it’s principally an unique story.

The graphics are underwhelming, and the interface is general unhealthy. The store interface is surprisingly trendy, permitting you to purchase a number of issues directly, purchase an merchandise and promote your present outfitted one on the similar time, and you’ll see the stats of kit and who can use it. But you stroll sluggish, the menus are annoying to navigate, and you’ll’t see what any spell or capability does with out wanting on the instruction guide.

The battles are previous DQ model, proper right down to the “Takeru did 6 damage” message relatively than numbers showing — you’ll positively desire a speedup button for this. There’s some system primarily based on the motion of the solar by way of totally different zodiac indicators nevertheless it’s laborious to inform what impact it has besides in just a few components of the sport the place you the solar must be in a sure place for an occasion to happen.

You can get 12 totally different “juuma” to hitch your get together you could summon. I by no means perceive why designers undergo effort to make methods like these, after which make them nearly unusable by silly selections that needs to be caught throughout playtesting. You need to summon them utilizing consumable objects — you get loads of them in order that’s not a problem, however they don’t stick round for very lengthy earlier than they return to the mirror and need to relaxation some time. Also any ranges you gained whereas they had been out go away (apart from the HP). So every juuma shortly turns into unusable; the one objective to the system is just a few locations within the sport the place you need to summon one to make an occasion occur.

The story is OK. As within the fable, Takeru is a prince, and is banished to Izumo Province to subdue the “Kumaso Braves”. However, within the fable it was as a result of the Emperor feared his energy. Here it’s as a result of the goddess Tsukuyomi has been supplanting the normal goddess of Yamato (Amaterasu). When Takeru’s brother tries to kill the Tsukuyomi priestess, Takeru intervenes and cuts off his brother’s arm, and thus is banished.

The remainder of the sport is usually combating towards the Tsukuyomi takeover, however there are bizzare parts like somebody from Greece coming with robots. Then midway by way of the sport one of many get together members who Takeru has fallen in love with dies, and an enormous a part of the second half of the sport is attending to the land of Yomi to get better her, with the assistance of Susanoo’o. This finally ends up with you combating Satan(!?), then going to the moon after which defeating Tsukuyomi and restoring her to regular.

The sport steadiness is a multitude. The boss above, Yamata Orochi, is a large issue spike that requires a bunch of grinding, however within the latter half of the sport a lot of the bosses have as a lot HP because the grunt monsters within the dungeons (up till the ultimate boss). I suppose a minimum of we will say the enemies generally have some good graphics.

The ending is dumb too; after restoring Tsukiyomi and bringing Takeru’s girlfriend again to life, they head again throughout the rainbow bridge, have a brief dialog, after which simply line up on the bridge and face the participant.

There’s no credit, “The end” or something, the music simply loops till you flip the sport off.

I’m sorry if this submit appeared extra aggravated than common, however I’d count on this type of sport in 1992, not 1995. Fortunately Seiken Densetsu 3 is subsequent.



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