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SFC Game 94 – Shinseiki Odysselia 2

SFC Game 94 – Shinseiki Odysselia 2


Shinseiki Odysselia II (神聖紀オデッセリアII), launched 10/16/1995, developed by Vic Tokai

This is the sequel to the unique Odysselia, which I performed earlier. It is a direct plot sequel in addition to basically the identical system as the unique. The story has the identical time-travel and mixing varied myths. At the tip of the earlier sport, the goddess Zion flooded the world to destroy the monsters however humanity was saved by an enormous ark. As this sport begins humanity appears to have recovered again to the unique nations (Persia, Greece, and many others.)

The sport begins in Persia, the place the Persian king tries to make peace with Greece, however is killed by one in all his generals for being weak. A priest named Lahan seizes energy as regent for Darius, and destroys Zion. The queen escapes and sacrifices her personal life to avoid wasting Erg, the prince, who goes to Sparta and is raised there.

This sport makes use of the identical high-res mode for textual content that Seiken Densetsu 3 did

The sport takes place over 9 chapters. Chapter 1 is the above prologue. In Chapter 2, 14 years have handed and Erg is coaching below a area bounty hunter coach named Samus. The last check is to show your value in a coaching cave.

Each character has weapon and magic ranges. The magic stage for every sort of magic determines how highly effective the spell is — as within the first sport, most components have an offensive and defensive model. The weapon ranges are extra mysterious; they could have an effect on hit fee however they don’t appear to have an effect on harm. The battles are typical RPG type.

In addition to innate spells, characters can equip talismans to make use of magic of that sort. I by no means discovered these very helpful. There’s additionally a weapon crafting system as within the first sport however I additionally discovered this largely ineffective; the sport is fairly simple for essentially the most half and I didn’t have a lot hassle besides in just a few locations.

After the coaching ends, Erg makes use of Athenian allies to defeat the Persian ships, after which goes to Persia and forces Lahan to flee. It seems that Erg is the son of Loos, one of many characters from the primary sport and the prince of Persia. But slightly than turning into king of Persia himself, Erg leaves Darius in cost and goes after Lahan via a warp circle.

Chapter 3 switches to a different character Iria, in South America. She shouldn’t be human (for now we don’t know precisely what she is). She goes in the hunt for a witch that she hopes could make her human, however they’ll’t, after which a cyclops drags her via one other time portal. That backside character is a Doppelganger, one of many Familiars (tsukaima) you will get within the sport; I didn’t discover this a really helpful system both however I didn’t discover it a complete lot.

Chapter 4 switches to a different character, Talkus. He’s a roman gladiator. The chapter has you go to a coaching tower, combat a coliseum battle, again to the tower, and repeat till you turn into the champion. Talkus asks Nero for freedom, however as a substitute Nero frames him for the hearth of Rome, supposedly as a secret Christian. Lahan is with Nero as nicely; the chapter ends with Lahan capturing a woman named Lauren and leaving as Talkus is able to be executed.

Chapter 5 goes again to Erg, who finds himself in Australia. In the Great Barrier Reef he comes throughout Iria and the Cyclops; the Cyclops really joins the get together as a well-recognized. They observe a warp via to Rome, the place they save Talkas from execution. They’re apparently 500 years sooner or later from the place they began. They head to the palace to overthrow Nero, who’s being managed by Lahan. Lahan transforms Nero right into a monster after which runs via one other portal to the longer term, which is seemingly Lahan’s authentic time.

Chapter 6 switches to Leila and Garuda, two of the earth gods. This takes place earlier than Chapter 1 and Samus can be there as one of many gods, saying that he’ll prepare the descendants of the Drakken (that is from the primary sport; Loos is a reincarnation from a dragon-human people who inhabited the world earlier than people). They are attempting to oppose the 冥界 (Underworld), and appear unsure that the choice to flood the world was appropriate.

I discovered this a part of the plot arduous to observe — I additionally had a tough time following Odysselia 1’s plot. I discovered one overview by a Japanese participant who stated they have been confused additionally so possibly it’s not simply me. I consider the state of affairs is that this: the gods now consider that the Underworld King tricked them into flooding the world to destroy the beasts, when it was really the underworld forces controlling them. So now they should revive the beasts and defeat the underworld king. But the king has the seeds essential to revive the beasts, and (for some cause) they really feel that they should energy of the Drakken descendants to do that. Zion joins Leila and Garuda however finally goes to the underworld herself, listening to a voice calling for her.

Chapter 7 presents us with yet one more character, the knight Meyer. He lives in twelfth century Prussia, the place an epidemic is devastating the nation, and women are disappearing. A priest from the fort named Bain sends Meyer to defeat a witch who’s inflicting the sickness, however it seems that she has the treatment and Bain doesn’t need it to be identified. Meanwhile a dude named Gustav is experimenting on the captured women to find everlasting life. Meyer loses his spouse to those experiments; finally they expose the plot however the Emperor refuses to consider that Bain is accountable. He sends Meyer out to the crusades as punishment, the place his two companions are killed — one of many companions is the son of Lord Vandark. Vandark turns into so upset and grief-stricken that he curses God and decides to get revenge on everybody (that is Lahan’s origin).

Chapter 8 lastly returns to Erg and companions, who’ve proven up in twelfth century center east and are the prisoners of Saladin, suspected to be spies from the Crusaders. Saladin finally makes use of them to make peace with King Richard, after which they escape again to Prussia the place Lahan remains to be controlling issues. The gods Garuda and Leila present up and say that Lahan has gotten his energy from the underworld, and is making an attempt to destroy humanity by destroying the “core” (which for some cause is Erg’s dad Loos, I don’t keep in mind if that is one thing from the primary sport).

Erg and associates should defend 4 seals on the planet from Lahan, however after all he manages to interrupt all of them, opening the way in which to the underworld. Lahan hopes to realize energy via the blood of Lauren (the woman he captured earlier) however is unwilling to kill her for some cause, exhibiting his remaining humanity — he breaks freed from the underworld management however turns into a demon so we’ve to kill him. Then it’s into the underworld to discover a option to sever the underworld from the floor without end.

In Chapter 9 we study that Iria is the daughter of Zion (the god who went to the underworld a few years in the past) and Deus, the son of the Underworld King, who was bred to be the opposition to the gods. It’s not clear to me why they fell in love as a substitute of Deus killing Zion. They despatched Iria to the floor in secret to keep away from the king discovering out. Loos’ energy to maintain the core intact is weakening, and Iria has the ability to sever the floor and underworld.

The last bosses are a collection of demons we’ve by no means heard of, after which Iria manages to sever the worlds — however she has to remain behind. There’s a tearful ending, however then Iria all of a sudden reappears with Leila who says there’s really nonetheless a option to journey between the worlds (why??) and the sport ends.

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So I assume this sport is OK; the system is underdeveloped at factors and I don’t totally perceive the story. But the historic durations are enjoyable and the sport performs comparatively easily.



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