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Sheik Zelda Facts – 20 Things You Never Knew About Link’s Mysterious Ally

Get prepared to find out 20 Sheik Zelda details that you simply by no means knew and uncover every little thing concerning the stealthy character.

So you suppose you already know every little thing there’s to learn about The Legend of Zelda? You suppose you already know what makes Sheik’s mind tick and simply the place that harp got here from in Ocarina of Time?

One factor is for certain; after studying this text, you’ll know all of the Sheik Zelda details in existence, and that’s undoubtedly one thing that can earn you factors on the subsequent Nintendo gaming evening or Comic Con.

**Warning – This publish incorporates spoilers. You’re about to enter spoilerville, I can not**
stress this sufficient!!

If you learn any additional, then you’ll reveal secrets and techniques about Sheik which may spoil your enjoyment in a number of Zelda video games. We take no accountability for unhappy faces or damaged laptops from this level onwards.

Ok, so with out additional ado, let’s discover out every little thing there’s to learn about Link’s mysterious ally and the way they got here to be!

1. Sheik Is Actually Princess Zelda In Disguise

Zelda Sheik - Zelda is Sheik in disguise

Yes; Sheik is definitely Princess Zelda. This first of our Sheik Zelda details may very well be the largest spoiler of all of them.

If you’ve by no means completed or performed Ocarina of Time, then the key is out. During the time after Ganondorf sneaked into the Sacred Realm after Link and ended up utilizing the Triforce of Power to rule Hyrule Zelda disguised herself as Sheik with a purpose to survive.

Zelda holds the Triforce of Wisdom, together with some critical magic and smarts. Rather than simply conceal and defend herself, she places her life on the road to assist Link destroy Ganondorf as soon as and for all.

Sheik has all the time been there to get Link out of hassle in each the manga and the sport, serving to him defeat enemies or instructing him songs of teleportation to key areas.

2. A Hyrule Castle Gossip Stone Knows Sheik’s Secret All Along

The Gossip Stones in Ocarina of Time give secret snippets for gamers to ponder over whereas taking part in the sport.

On your solution to Hyrule Castle as Young Link, a sure Gossip Stone bears a cryptic message that offers us the reply to Sheik’s Identity all alongside.

The stone’s message tells us ‘They say that, contrary to her elegant image, Princess Zelda of Hyrule Castle is, in fact, a tomboy!’

Zelda immediately disappears as soon as hyperlink turns into an grownup, there’s a brand new Sheikah when Impa was the one one within the recreation, and younger Zelda was apparently a tomboy.

How did we not work this one out!

3. Sheik Works Alongside Ganondorf In The Ocarina Of Time Manga

Zelda Sheik works alongside Ganon in the Ocarina of Time manga

This subsequent Zelda Sheik reality would possibly shock a number of the Zelda followers on the market. Sheik was really working alongside Ganondorf within the Ocarina of Time manga e-book.

Just let that sink in a minute… Sheik is a baddie!

Ok, probably not.

Sheik was solely pretending to work for Ganondorf with a purpose to hold tabs on what the King of the Gerudo was as much as and serving to to throw him off the scent.

Zelda is one sneaky character!

4. Zelda Hides Her Memories From Ganondorf When Becoming Sheik

Zelda makes use of her magical skills to cover her recollections from the evil Ganondorf whereas working for him.

Essentially, she transforms completely, which has lots of people questioning the purpose at Number 13 on this record.

More on that in a short time although!

By hiding each her recollections and her character, Zelda may seem loyal to Ganondorf whereas conserving her true nature a secret.

5. Sheik Isn’t Part Of The Kakariko Village Sheikah Tribe

Zelda Sheik - Sheik Kakariko Village tribe

As Sheik isn’t really a Sheikah, she isn’t a part of the Kakariko Sheikah tribe. This results in some confusion in a later recreation when Impa meets Sheik and is confused as to why she doesn’t recognise her.

Though Sheik bares the identical Sheikah image because the Kakariko residents, each on Impa’s outfit and the garments of the Sheikah in BotW, she isn’t really a Sheikah.

Don’t neglect, it’s simply Zelda in disguise, and Zelda is a member of the Royal Family of Hyrule.

Coincidentally, ‘Sheik’ can be utilized for a member of a ruling tribe or household, and as Zelda is taking up the persona of a Sheikah and is definitely a Royal, the identify works fairly effectively!

6. Sheik’s Harp Appears In Skyward Sword

Next up on our Zelda Sheik details record is the thriller of the Goddess Harp.

Zelda, the mortal reincarnation of the Goddess Hylia, makes use of the Goddess Harp in Skyward Sword, the primary Zelda title within the Zelda Timeline. Link then makes use of it to study songs all through the sport.

Notice the harp that Sheik makes use of to show you the songs in Ocarina of Time?

It may need just a little grip tape round it, however it’s the very same harp!

Ocarina of Time may need dropped earlier than Skyward Sword, but when we’re occurring the timeline, which means the harp has handed down by way of Zelda’s line for generations.

Had we identified this earlier than taking part in Ocarina of Time, Sheik’s little secret would have been extremely straightforward to identify!

7. Sheik Designs For Twilight Princess Appear In Hyrule Historia

Zelda Sheik - Sheik in Hyrule Historia

Sheik’s primary appearances have been in Ocarina of Time, Hyrule Warriors, and Super Smash Bros. Still, there was clearly a second the place Nintendo thought Sheik could be addition to Twilight Princess.

The Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Historia is one in all my favorite Zelda reference books and one of many greatest gaming books of all time. I used to be looking out by way of my copy in preparation for this text and stumbled throughout the design for Sheik within the Twilight Princess artwork growth part.

The picture exhibits what Sheik would possibly seem like has Zelda taken on her alter ego within the GameDice/Wii title.

As it occurs, Sheik by no means made an look within the recreation, except Zelda was so stealthy that we didn’t even discover!

8. Sheik’s Mask Is Available In Breath Of The Wild

How’s this for a Sheik Zelda reality: Sheik’s iconic masks is obtainable to make use of in Breath of the Wild.

The regular stealth armour has connotations of Sheik’s look (which we’ll get to in a second), however the extra cosy face protecting and chopsticks by no means featured in Ocarina of Time.

Well, if you wish to look much more like Sheik together with the pinnacle wrap and hair, you then’ll want the Sheik Amiibo.

The Super Smash Bros Sheik Amiibo offers a small likelihood that you simply would possibly discover the unique headgear in a chest in BotW.

Players can improve the masks at a Great Fairy Fountain too, making it an ideal selection to suit into the principle Stealth set as a substitute of the stealth headgear. It can’t be dyed although, not that that makes a large distinction.

The bizarre factor is that you simply’d be making Link seem like Sheik, who’s Zelda, bur you’re Link… not Zelda, or Sheik.

My head hurts!

9. The Stealth Armour In Breath Of The Wild Was Redesigned To Provide Continuity With Ocarina Of Time

Zelda Sheik - Stealth Set Breath of the Wild redesigned to look like Sheik

The image on the far proper is what Link’s stealth set was initially going to seem like in Breath of the Wild.

As you may clearly see, this appears to be like extra just like the garb that the Sheikah in Kakariko Village put on.

Still, there’s little doubt that the stealth set is there to make Link transfer and act extra like Sheik, the sneakiest of all of the Sheikah (despite the fact that she wasn’t actually a Sheikah, however you get the thought).

The stealth set was redesigned dramatically to look extra like Sheik’s outfit within the Ocarina of Time, thus sustaining that hyperlink to Link’s slippery ally.

The boots, the arm wrappings, the Sheikah image, and hint of a fringe all level in direction of the unique Sheik design and pay homage to an unimaginable recreation on the similar time.

10. Sheik’s Face Mask Is Called A Sarashi

This is a type of Sheik Zelda details which you could inform pals at events. A Sarashi, which interprets from Japanese as ‘bleached cotton’ or ‘bleached cloth’ is an extended strip of fabric.

The Sarashi is normally seen on warriors, giving it robust connotations. It was additionally worn by ladies to make them look slimmer and samurai to guard the pores and skin.

We see a number of this material making up Sheik’s preliminary outfit, and whereas Zelda isn’t utilizing the material to make her look thinner, she is utilizing it to look extra masculine with a purpose to idiot everybody into pondering she is a boy.

11. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Gave Sheik A Makeover

Zelda Sheik - Sheik makeover Super Smash Bros Ultimate

After the success of Breath of the Wild, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate gave Sheik a makeover and put her within the stealth armour set.

Sheik’s complete outfit has modified and appears similar to Link would if he was sporting Sheik’s masks in BotW, full with the flowing Sarashi round her neck.

There’s additionally just a little nod to Impa in Skyward Sword too with an extended braid hanging from the again of her head, the identical coiffure that we’ve seen in Hyrule Warriors.

12. Sheik Almost Got Her Own Game

Concept Image Shinesparkers

A Reddit thread and a search by way of a number of gaming web sites introduced us to Shinesparkers and this idea artwork for a Sheik recreation that by no means got here to gentle.

This paintings got here from an internet assortment of works from Sammy Hall, an artist who labored on Donkey Kong Country Returns and Metroid Prime 3, two of the greatest Nintendo Wii video games on the market!

The title of the paintings, merely named as ‘cancelled Zelda project’, incorporates a Sheikah image that undoubtedly factors to this being the deserted Sheik recreation we’ve heard a lot about however clearly by no means seen.

The premise, in line with Shinesparkers, revolves across the journey of the final Sheik. The Dark Gerudo are within the midst of a 100-year delivery of Ganon, and that’s all we all know.

Some sources say that Sheik was going to be made male on this recreation and never really Princess Zelda in disguise… which brings us to our subsequent level.

13. Some Fan’s Refuse To Believe Sheik Is A Woman

Zelda Sheik - Sheik Gender

Nintendo has spoken and stated unequivocally that Sheik is feminine. Zelda is feminine, Zelda is Sheik, due to this fact Sheik is feminine.

So the place has the confusion come from?

Well, within the Ocarina of Time manga, Impa, Zelda’s protector, seals her consciousness. She tells her to stay as a boy, counting on the truth that she’s going to awaken because the Princess when the time is true.

In Ocarina of Time, we’re led to consider that Sheik is a male as a result of wrappings used to make Zelda look extra masculine, however in different video games since, she has had a way more female physique akin to Samus Aran in her Zero Suit.

Then there’s using the Japanese phrase ‘seinen’, which interprets as younger man. Still, it is because we’re led to consider that Sheik is a boy right now and we don’t wish to give the sport away.

Listen, it’s 2022, and it doesn’t actually matter what gender Zelda identifies as. The official line, nevertheless, is that Sheik and Zelda are feminine, so I assume that’s that!

14. Princess Ruto Doesn’t Even Realise Zelda Is Sheik

Zelda Sheik - Sheik and ruto

When Link speaks to Princess Ruto, yet one more Zora who has the hots for him, she describes Sheik as a ‘nice young man’.

Sheik’s disguise is extremely good, however it additionally implies that Zelda didn’t let slip to anybody about her disguise for concern of Ganondorf discovering out.

And, if we observe the road from the Manga that Impa sealed her consciousness, there’s a robust likelihood that even Zelda didn’t know she was Zelda at that time.

That would possibly go a way as to why Sheik makes use of the pronoun ‘boku’ within the Japanese model of Ocarina of Time. I assume in case your consciousness has been sealed, you may’t by chance give the sport away by utilizing the unsuitable pronoun when chatting with Ganondorf.

15. Zelda’s Magic And The Triforce Of Wisdom Create The Appearance Of Sheik

Zelda has a number of magic; that isn’t a secret, and we’ve seen her stepping as much as the plate with some phenomenal skills all through the sequence.

The description that accompanies Sheik’s statue in Super Smash Bros. Melee tells us that Zelda used magic to alter her look when turning into Sheik.

That means she used her magic to alter her pores and skin, hair and eye color to keep away from detection.

We see the Triforce of Wisdom shining on the again of Sheik’s hand proper earlier than Sheik transforms again into Zelda. It’s this transformation that makes us suppose the Triforce has a huge impact on Sheik’s look and talents.

Why can Sheik make large jumps and dives but Zelda seems unable to flee a hoop of fireside on the ultimate degree of Ocarina of Time?

The basic consensus is that Zelda’s magic is channelled differently when she is Sheik, and in addition as a result of it could be fairly onerous to leap in a large costume just like the one Nintendo have given her when she’s in princess mode.

16. Impa Doesn’t Trust Sheik In Hyrule Warriors

Zelda Sheik - Sheik and Impa Hyrule Warriors

This subsequent Sheik Zelda reality brings one other sneaky twist to the Zelda universe.

In Hyrule Warriors, the characters are all descendants from the unique characters. We’re speaking a few completely different Impa and Zelda than from Ocarina of Time right here, however clearly the thriller of the Sheik disguise has additionally handed down by way of generations, similar to the Goddess Harp.

In Hyrule Warriors, Impa turns into suspicious when a brand new Sheikah named Sheik who she has by no means met earlier than turns as much as combat. Things get weirder when Sheik says that Impa was the chief of her clan too.

I don’t blame Impa for being suspicious; if somebody I had by no means met tried to gaslight me like this, I’d be just a little cautious too.

The incontrovertible fact that Zelda disappears with out saying something should weigh on Impa’s thoughts too. Come on Zelda, simply hold your mate within the loop, alright?

17. Sheik’s Only Appearance On The GameDice Is Super Smash Bros Melee

Had Sheik appeared on Twilight Princess just like the designers had supposed, it could have been two video games. Still, because it stands, Sheik’s solely GameDice look is on Super Smash Bros. Melee.

With a graceful new move-set and extra agile assault patterns, Sheik is undeniably a pressure to be reckoned with and a good way for Zelda followers to combine up their assault type.

18. Zelda Can Swap Between Her Alter Ego Any Time In Two Smash Bros. Games

Zelda Sheik - Sheik and Zelda Smash Bros

Players diving into Super Smash Bros. Melee and Super Smash Bros. Brawl can change from Zelda to Sheik on a whim.

In Melee, gamers can maintain down Some time the sport degree is loading to remodel. In each video games, gamers holding B + Down will remodel between Sheik and Zelda.

These are the one video games the place Zelda can change between her varieties. In each different Zelda recreation, each characters seem individually.

19. Sheik’s Theme Was Written By Koji Kondo

The iconic harp theme at any time when Sheik walks into the scene was written by composer Koji Kondo.

If that identify sounds acquainted, then it means you’re a real Nintendo fan. Koji has made a lot of songs for Nintendo over time and wrote the Super Mario Bros. overworld tune.

He’s made a number of songs for the Zelda franchise and is accountable for creating the mysterious vibes at any time when Sheik is complicated Link’s head with these deep proverbs she comes out with.

20. There’s Actually A ‘Best Sheik Player’ In Japan

Zelda Sheik - Sheik Player

The final tasty morsel on this Sheik Zelda details article is about one of the best Sheik participant in Japan.

I’m after all referring to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and the participant in query on the time of writing is Yumeto Yasui.

With the sport identify Smasher:Sachi, Yumeto Yasui is broadly heralded as one of the best participant when utilizing Sheik on any Smash Bros. degree.

So, should you see that identify pop up in your display, put together for a beating!



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