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Shifting into Tenerifis for the Battle



The Asher Elias period of the Imperium has arrived.  We’re going to go all-in on our battle within the south.  And which means shifting ahead into enemy house.

Meaning shifting to Tenerifis.  We’ve already prolonged ourselves out of straightforward attain from the Keepstart in GE-8JV.  To get to the entrance line rapidly it requires a number of gates and a few bridges.

A Ragnarok sending us on our method

Tenerifis now you may see we have now been knocking over ihubs once more.

Tenerifis – Aug 1, 2022

Nevertheless, as I mentioned, we’re getting past straightforward vary for assaults and reinforcement.  So The Initiative dropped a Keepstar in Tenerifis to permit us simpler entry to the area in addition to placing us close to a regional gate to Immensea, probably the subsequent area on the listing for us to burn down.

Capitals touchdown on the brand new Keepstar

Transfer ops to the brand new staging Keepstar started as quickly as Asher was completed with speech on Thursday.  This made me just a little anxious as a result of transfer ops are likely to kick off with a vengeance immediately, then fall off as immediately.  As such I all the time attempt to get within the first couple of transfer ops to get myself sorted.

Nevertheless, Asher’s speech ended in the midst of the work day for me, so I didn’t get on an op Thursday… nor Friday.  They gave the impression to be principally in EUTZ.  Saturday there was the promise of an op within the morning, however that turned out to be a capital solely transfer op and I used to be out in GE-8JV with just a few subcaps.

Sunday morning it was lastly my day.  I used to be up early and a morning transfer op was introduced.  I acquired my important and my alt logged in and into my two largest ships, then discovered any individual in a capital ship that would carry my Flycatcher of their SMA maintain.

The capitals undocked first and did a soar, then settled in to attend out their soar timers, after which the subcaps had been despatched off.

A set of hulls, with a freighter catching up

With help it was a really fast op.  Just a few gates to catch as much as the capitals, then on to a titan that bridged us to the brand new Keepstar.  Piece of cake.

It was so fast that I began wanting round for one thing else I might transfer.  The practice from GE-8JV was going to maintain operating for some time.  You might simply shuttle again and fly your subsequent subcap to the titan and get one other bridge.

However I had no extra ships at our previous staging, and I didn’t need to yolo all the best way from 1DQ1-A on a weekend as we approached the height overlap between EU and US time zones.  If the route wasn’t camped it might be a minor miracle.

So I began wanting round at the place I had soar clones and located, on my alt, I nonetheless had a ship… an Oneiros, which continues to be a part of our battleship doctrine… sitting in a station in an Angel Cartel NPC station in D87E-A over in Curse, left over from again round week 24 or week 25 of World Battle Bee, when The Initiative had arrange a Fortizar in 0SHT-A to make use of to harass Legacy Coalition in Catch.

It’d even be that Oneiros within the image

Ultimately that Fortizar acquired popped, however earlier than it did we moved our stuff to an NPC station.  Sooner or later there have been a few transfer ops again, however as soon as once more I had extra ships than I might transfer, so left that one behind with a soar clone.

And, frankly, D87E-A to GE-8JV appeared like a viable run.  Plus I had lived with out that ship for one thing like 18 months, making it appear fairly expendable. (Plus, grabbing it might unlock one other clone.  I’m all the time about three clones shy of the quantity I want.)  So I soar cloned over and undocked.  And I made it.

Severely.  No drama, no hostiles, nothing.  I simply gated on over, acquired on the titan, and took the bridge to the Keepstar.  One other ship at hand.

The promise has been that the battle will likely be escalating, that we’ll be going quite a bit more durable than we had been up to now.  Titans and tremendous carriers had been shifting into place, so the massive toys will likely be obtainable to make use of.  I’ve some ships I need to use myself, together with a shiny new battleship for the Tech Fleet doctrine, which changed the venerable Baltecs.  I nonetheless have too many Megathrons sitting round from that doctrine.

Tempest Fleet Situation awaiting its time

There’s additionally phrase that Pandemic Horde would possibly come south in pressure to face us.  And with Asher operating the present, there are little question some experimental doctrines or unconventional techniques ready to be tried.

The promise of motion is earlier than us in Tenerifis.  I hope it can come to move and that I’ll have the ability to take part.  I don’t need to fly all these ships again dwelling unused.



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