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When it involves retro recreation collections there’s nothing higher than having a pleasant set of cabinets to indicate off your video games & consoles. So what higher than sharing this #SHELFIE #gamesyouloved expertise with you all.

 Kumao 573

#SHELFIE #gamesyouloved from @Kumao_573

We requested our group about their #SHELFIE #gamesyouloved setups on Saturday twenty fourth January 2015, and wow, did we get a tremendous response. Having a group and setting it up is a proud second for any gamer. We love what we do – taking part in, speaking about it and placing on show the video games which might be very near us.


#SHELFIE #gamesyouloved from @rich_king_retro

Just on this web page now you may be seeing a few of the wonderful #SHELFIE #gamesyouloved setups from our GYL buddies on Twitter. Such an array of collections and show strategies right here. Look underneath the pic for the credit score and hyperlink to their twitter. Give them a #observe for extra retrogaming updates too!


 #SHELFIE #gamesyouloved from @Gamingmonkey32 

When it involves a #SHELFIE #gamesyouloved for retrogaming collectors it’s extremely a lot a private factor and thats the great thing about it. Almost like ‘by way of the keyhole’ we’re seeing into every others worlds as a result of a retrogames assortment does say alot about you. Just seeing the varieties of video games and consoles – what vary of producers and recreation genres – by way of to the years they cowl. It’s typically large ranged or targeted. 


 #SHELFIE #gamesyouloved from @clry2

Some collectors go pure SEGA or Nintendo, others give attention to a group of Micro Computers or Handhelds. Others go random and it is every part and something they see and line up on the cabinets!


 #SHELFIE #gamesyouloved from @N8IE

Also the shelf itself wants some examination. Some seem tall and skinny – however very tall, with others a few cabinets and but very lengthy. Other players cabinets actually wrap across the room.

 Neil B Art

 #SHELFIE #gamesyouloved from @Neil_B_Art

The fantastic thing about a #SHELFIE #gamesyouloved  is that it may be rearranged fairly simply and rapidly too. So when you fancy being Sonic, Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Street Fighter, Monty Mole, Jet Set Willy and many others, targeted one month then go for it!


#SHELFIE #gamesyouloved from @Smuggsy

Or maybe if you would like a handheld show to rearrange your consoles in – after which add to by way of the decide ups you make, then the #SHELFIE #gamesyouloved lets you do that simply. It’s all as much as you and the way you prefer it – however the important thing factor is to have some enjoyable doing it.


#SHELFIE #gamesyouloved from @BellasGamerDad

So the  #SHELFIE #gamesyouloved ais right here to remain – actually we see it getting greater. As extra players develop up with this wonderful lifestyle of retrogaming (we do not wish to name it a passion!) there will probably be extra alternative to share what we do. We will add to this web page and share throughout our social media (fb, twitter, instagram and YouTube) any extra #SHELFIE #gamesyouloved  images you have got. Also movies on the #SHELFIE #gamesyouloved  – we might like to see them too!

If you have got any extra pics ship them to, use our contact kind or just tweet to @gamesyouloved with the hashtag #SHELFIE #gamesyouloved.

You can publish to our Facebook web page as effectively. The extra the merrier!




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