Home Indie Game Sokpop Collective’s video games proceed to impress via creativity, frequency

Sokpop Collective’s video games proceed to impress via creativity, frequency

Sokpop Collective’s video games proceed to impress via creativity, frequency


Running this weblog comes with its justifiable share of tasks. What ought to we cowl, what shouldn’t we cowl, which video games want the protection? All of this units us up for a sophisticated balancing act. With that in thoughts, I wish to throw all of that out the window to speak about what makes the Sokpop Collective video games simply so good. 

Yes we’ve lined the Sokpop video games pretty usually for the reason that workforce began releasing initiatives biweekly, however the salient factors are these: Sokpop is a small “boy band” (their phrases) of builders who launch video games each two weeks which can be funded via itch.io gross sales and Patreon contributions. These video games usually have a stripped again pixated-but-low poly artstyle and have a brief runtime. They’re additionally uniformly nice.

But what makes them so good? Let’s have a look.

In our interview with Sokpop Collective the crew revealed how they’re capable of launch video games so incessantly: whereas there are 4 members of the collective, every recreation is essentially developed by one individual. This signifies that the workforce is leapfrogging via the schedule and permitting every recreation extra than simply two weeks to bake. Of course this isn’t only a velocity factor, it turns into one among Sokpop’s biggest strengths: every recreation may be very human. 

Without going into the specifics of every particular person Sokpop recreation (there are over 40 launched on itch.io alone), every one appears like one thing a human being –not a committee– willed into the world. None of them really feel like historically marketable initiatives and you may see particular person fingerprints all around the design. Why are the controls of Clutchball so bizarre? Because somebody on workers thought it will be amusing. Why did somebody, within the 12 months 2019, make a Runescape fan recreation? Why not? There’s a character on this design strategy which makes me really feel like I’m fixed dialog with the builders.

The fast launch cycle has an additional benefit, these video games can’t be very lengthy and thus are all micro explorations of some concepts. In every recreation there are actually solely a handful of mechanics that the sport pushes to their limits, then discards as soon as the following recreation is out. Because of this each recreation is contemporary and shares nothing however its pedigree. It’s refreshing to see a workforce capable of publicly throw so many concepts on the wall, and it is even higher to see so a lot of them stick. 

If you haven’t checked out the Sokpop Collective’s oeuvre it’s price if for no cause apart from to see what a workforce marching to the beat of their very own drum can appear to be.



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