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solvability – Wooden disentanglement puzzle

I lately got here throughout this disentanglement puzzle and after spending weeks attempting to know and clear up this seemingly easy puzzle, I’m utterly stumped.

I have no idea what the top aim of this puzzle is (I’m assuming that now we have to free the rope with the bead and loop on every finish from the picket blocks). However, after wanting on the Eureka Puzzle, I’m not positive whether it is attainable to free the rope whereas it has the beads and the loops hooked up to its ends.

Am I understanding the aim of this puzzle appropriately?

If sure, then how are we supposed to unravel it?

For the sake of readability, the loops can move by the slits within the picket blocks whereas the beads can not. Also, every loop is extensive sufficient for a single picket block to move by it.

I’ve added a sketch of the puzzle to make it simpler to comply with the rope.

P.S. Does anybody know what this puzzle is known as? I could not discover any documentation for this puzzle on the web.

Image 1

Image 2




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