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Soulstice’s Story Makes It More Than The Average Hack-And-Slash

Briar wipes her chin like a cool anime protagonist.

Image: Reply Game Studios

In the midst of the autumn gaming season, it’s very straightforward to lose observe of video games that aren’t the brand new hotness from big-name studios or that haven’t obtained sufficient promoting to catch one’s consideration. Despite this actuality, one darkish action-adventure recreation managed to not solely seize my consideration but additionally to exceed my expectations, proving itself rather more than simply one other by-product recreation paying homage to its contemporaries.

Soulstice, by Reply Game Studios, is a hack-and-slash motion recreation. You play as each Briar, a stoic swordswoman affected by a demonic curse that threatens to overhaul her, and her sister Lute, a ghost-like being who can conjure up boundaries and solid beams of sunshine to guard her sister from enemies. Their mission is to seal the sky-beam-like tear forming in the midst of a war-torn kingdom and defeat the townspeople who’ve reworked into monsters beneath the tear’s affect. Basically, you might need bother not considering of Soulstice as akin to the Berserk manga with a splash of Claymore.

And sure, the comparability to these anime is apt. On paper, you may additionally draw parallels between Soulstice and different trendy motion video games through which the heroes battle hordes of enemies from different realms, video games like Bayonetta and Devil May Cry. However, Soulstice distinguishes itself from these video games by telling a compelling story that doesn’t take a backseat to its fight.

Much like its contemporaries, Soulstice’s fight options gentle and heavy assaults, a large number of weapons you’ll be able to seamlessly change between, a wealth of Lovecraftian-inspired bosses so that you can rip and tear into, and a short lived overpowered state the place you deal much more harm to enemies. Where it deviates in each its gameplay and the emotional hook of its story is with Briar’s sister, Lute, who serves because the emotional compass steering Soulstice away from being a secular copy of older hack-and-slash video games.

Initially, Lute dragging her specter-like toes on the carnage she and her sister should trudge via makes it really feel like the sport is setting her as much as be yet one more annoying, pacifistic character it’s important to escort in all places. However, because it seems, her inclusion within the recreation does greater than give it a compelling emotional core. It additionally makes the fight really feel contemporary and distinctive.

Lute protects her sister with a giant blue shield.

私のスタンド 『Sister Christian』
Image: Reply Game Studios

When I consider a hack-and-slash recreation, what usually involves thoughts is the ability fantasy of shortly dishing out of your foes, usually with the assistance of your overpowered, Devil Trigger-type transfer set. In Soulstice, nevertheless, Briar’s Berserker state works like a candle burning off at each ends. While its flame burns brilliantly, it doesn’t stay as lengthy. Much like several particular person enjoying a hack-and-slash recreation and unleashing their character’s full damaging potential for the primary time, Briar marvels at how highly effective her demonic state makes her, and sees it as a method to mamoru her ghost-like imouto. Lute, however, chastises Briar, warning her to not depend on her Berserker state as a result of it should result in her damage. The silences throughout these downtime moments the place you’re breaking bins for well being pick-ups after a harrowing battle are routinely damaged up with dialogue between the 2 sisters through which they attempt to delicately mood one another’s expectations concerning the journey forward of them.

Whenever Lute makes an attempt to distract each herself and Briar from the butchering of the dominion’s townsfolk, a few of it executed by their very own palms, with idyllic daydreaming over how issues was once of their extra peaceable childhoods, Briar curtly brings Lute again right down to earth by reminding her that she’s going to need to get used to the carnage with a purpose to survive. Inversely, any time Briar hand-waves away the overuse of her newfound darkish energy (and the toll it takes on her) as a method to a vital finish, Lute drops her soft-spokenness and sternly reminds her older sister that, though she is a ghost and Briar is cursed, the pair nonetheless have much more life left to stay. The weight of those small interactions is additional enriched by the sensational vocal performances from Stefanie Joosten (Quiet from Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain) who portrays each sisters. This ongoing back-and-forth between the sisters, coupled with Briar studying to depend on her once-defenseless sister as a substitute of shouldering the burden on her personal, makes for some highly effective storytelling.

Even exterior of Soulstice’s story, Lute shortly turns into probably the most important supporting characters within the hack-and-slash style. During fight, Lute mechanically works equally to how a Stand would in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. If an enemy is about to assault Briar, hitting the “Lute Button” will counter, parry, or time-stop them lifeless of their tracks, permitting Briar to wallop a focused enemy or end off their allies. or end destroying their allies. However hitting the “Lute button” willy-nilly will distract her, leading to her searching for enemies who aren’t open to a counter, thus opening you up for assaults.

Lute can also be important through the recreation’s many platforming segments. Throughout the sport, there are purple crystals that block off your path, and blue, ghost-like platforms. By elevating both her left or proper hand, Lute permits you to deal harm to the purple progress-blocking crystals and provides mass to Soulstice’s blue platforms. However, doing this for too lengthy will exhaust Lute to the purpose the place she’ll disappear. Don’t fear, she comes again after some time.

Briar leaps toward the floating head of a demon.

Dude actually says “show me what you got” earlier than this combat.
Image: Reply Game Studios

The greatest disadvantage of Soulstice, as with many character motion video games, is that the digicam usually works as an enemy inside itself. This, coupled with most of its enemies utilizing projectiles, makes for an sometimes irritating expertise. For instance, at one level I requested out loud, “Why would you put a fight here?” whereas I used to be dealing with off in opposition to a wave of enemies in two courtyards joined by a slim alley. If I walked out and in of mentioned alley to complete a combo string, the digicam would shift to point out the courtyard I used to be getting into, thus obscuring my view of the enemies within the alley that I used to be within the midst of combating. This not solely disoriented me however led to me lacking prompts to counter oncoming projectiles because the digicam not had them in view. This, coupled with the truth that too many enemies have projectiles you should counter, dodge, or freeze time to keep away from makes the motion really feel too cluttered at instances.

Environment-wise, Soulstice’s colour palette seldom goes past having a darkish blue and grey watercolor-style backdrop, save for its problem mode the place it ratchets issues up with some vibrant blue and purple landscapes. Because of this, early-game enemy sorts nearly mix into the background, making them exhausting to discern till the sport begins pitting you in opposition to extra noticeable enemies with glowing purple and blue crystals of their our bodies.

At its coronary heart, Soulstice exists each as proof of the thesis that all the pieces being a remix, and as a refuting of Mark Twain’s assertion that comparability is the dying of pleasure. Admittedly, I initially noticed enjoying Soulstice as a method of getting some observe in earlier than the discharge of Bayonetta 3, however I used to be shocked to seek out that Soulstice shines finest not when it reminds you of the fight in character motion video games like Bayonetta or Devil May Cry, however in the way it takes its time to let its story take priority over its motion, which makes it greater than worthy of consideration from any particular person with a love of skill-based hack-and-slash adventures.



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