Home Game Development Spine Error in CC 3.6 (iOS, Android) – Cocos Creator

Spine Error in CC 3.6 (iOS, Android) – Cocos Creator

Spine Error in CC 3.6 (iOS, Android) – Cocos Creator


Cocos Creator 3.6
Target : native iOS, native Android
Feature Cropping : Graphics Backend, WebGL/2.0, Running Stats, Audio, Web View, Tween, Basic Animation, 3D Particle System, Basic 2D Features, User Interface, Box2D Based 2D Physics System, Spine Animation
Android Build Options : Debug, Source Maps Job System/TBB, Enable Swappy, Render BackEnd/VULKAN/GLES2,3, Target API Level 32, armeavi-v7a, arm64-v8a,
iOS Build Options : Debug, Source Maps, Job System/TBB

When : sp.Skeleton node allow

Test Env
: iPhone SE 2020 (iOS v15.6.1, Xcode v13.4.1)
: Android Emulator (API 33 Google Play, arm64, Android Studio 2021.2.1 Patch1, MacbookPro 14 (M1Pro))

Error log :
(/Applications/CocosCreator/Creator/3.6.0/CocosCreator.app/Contents/Resources/sources/3d/engine/native/cocos/bindings/jswrapper/v8/Object.cpp, 678): Invoking perform failed, KindError: Cannot learn property ‘getInstance’ of undefined
at jsb-adapter/engine-adapter.js:1523:51 // const armaSystem = cc.inside.ArmatureSystem.getInstance();
at Director.emit (src/cocos-js/cc.js:14079:25)
at Director.tick (src/cocos-js/cc.js:39694:24)
at Game._updateCallback (src/cocos-js/cc.js:40192:28)
at src/cocos-js/cc.js:35906:26
at tick (jsb-adapter/web-adapt

Spine doesn’t work. Error log repeats perpetually.
I don’t use dragon bones, disabled dragon bones in characteristic cropping.

Which model of Spine? Cocos Creator 3.6 doesn’t use the hottest Spine model.

Spine v3.8.74. It works advantageous in CC 3.5.2.

There is already a related situation, thanks for the suggestions.



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