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sport design – Is there any resolution for talent merger?

I’m attempting to write down a litrpg and one of many principal characteristic is talent merger. Skill merger is a characteristic the place characters can merge expertise to create new expertise (e.g. Fire ball + Sticky ball = Sticky hearth ball).

Depending on the talent, a talent merger can occur something between 1 to 9 instances one after the other or in any respect as soon as and solely maxed proficiency expertise are eligible for talent merger.

The new talent resulted from talent merger will retain its earlier properties and results entire additionally getting new properties and results (e.g. Sticky hearth ball can explode like regular hearth ball and scatter like granade afterwards however sticks on issues like burning gel and explosion will turn into fairly in contrast to hearth ball the place it is a quick explosion harm or sticky ball simply sticks and traps folks).

So here is the issue I’m dealing with because of max proficiency expertise will be eligible for talent merger. It kinda slows down that talent merger loads.

A personality can have 6 talent factors per stage so at stage 9 they may have like 54 expertise. Which leading to gradual talent merger however many expertise.

Since it takes time to extend a expertise proficiency to 100%. So it’s going to take time for talent merger to be eligible in early ranges.

By the best way talent factors are factors that characters are you able to to get expertise.

So is there any resolution for this dilemma?

Sorry for misunderstanding.



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