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koboldsguideSomeday, in some superb future, white individuals gained’t say silly issues that present how oblivious they’re to the issues that individuals of colour have needed to take care of, daily, ever since somebody determined to outline some individuals as white to start with. That day will not be at this time.

In case you haven’t discerned this from earlier than, I’m a cis white man that has by no means been mistaken for something apart from that. I’ve had the entire privileges that come together with that, which suggests I want to look at the issues that I assume, I must hearken to marginalized communities, and I must internalize the teachings I study. It additionally signifies that I want to deal with issues once they come up, particularly when it’s in media I get pleasure from and promote, and when it was produced by folks that have related privilege to what I get pleasure from.

Why Does This Come Up Now?

Okay, that’s most likely a foolish query, as a result of there isn’t any scarcity of individuals within the TTRPG business that also make some fairly large errors in the case of a variety of undesirable viewpoints, from full on white supremacy to an intentional lack of empathy.

Specifically, at this time, nonetheless, I’m addressing a passage that got here up, which seems within the Complete Kobold Guide to Game Design, 2nd Edition. The copyright on this model of the guide is from 2019. The essay in query was written by Kobold Press proprietor Wolfgang Baur, who at one time was a main designer on the Al-Qadim Arabian Adventures line from TSR for AD&D 2nd version.

The passage comes from an essay referred to as What Makes a Night Arabian? The common level of this essay is to advocate for not overdesigning an journey that’s drawing on a historic setting for its tone. Since Baur was a designer on Al-Qadim, the instance he chooses to expound upon is a MENA setting, and sadly, when utilizing this particular instance, it’s approach too straightforward for this to return throughout as “if you’re white and you want to mine another culture for content, just pull on the cliches and stereotypes.”

If you assume I is perhaps mischaracterizing the tone of this essay, I’m going to current the next passage, which has been making its approach by means of TTRPG Twitter:

Arabia is the D&D world’s model of Spring Break: you go there for a change of surroundings. For this recreation, you don’t need or want to grasp the distinction between Shiite and Sunni, or the distinction between Persian folklore and Arabian folklore. You simply must know whether or not the fireplace mages are in your facet or not, and possibly a number of easy guidelines of habits: the bond of salt, the occasions of prayer, or the proper method to pace a camel by means of the desert.

That’s a reasonably dismissive abstract of the best way to use the cultural features from a tradition from which you don’t belong.

completekoboldguidegdWhat Makes This Worse?

Wolfgang Baur is a well-respected voice within the D&D neighborhood. Not solely has he been a designer on D&D tasks for many years, however Kobold Press is likely one of the most profitable third-party D&D 5e publishers at present in operation, they usually have labored on the Tyranny of Dragons and Ghosts of Saltmarsh books from WotC.

In addition to working with Wizard of the Coast and producing a spread of 5e appropriate materials, Kobold Press has additionally printed two editions of their Southlands sourcebooks, the latest being the Southlands Worldbook in 2021. The Southlands Worldbook for 5e, notably, was designed by Richard Green, Wolfgang Baur, Basheer Ghouse, and Kelly Pawlik, and had cultural consultants in Ahmed A Aljabry and Noordin Ali Kadir.

I’m not going to make any sort of private judgment on Wolfgang Baur, apart from to say the assertion within the above-cited essay is unhealthy and dangerous for a white designer to espouse, unexamined when creating content material. I’ll say that given the extra various voices added to the fifth version model of the product, I used to be shocked to see the quote from the essay above.


Because I used to be shocked on the lack of empathy and consciousness within the assertion within the essay, I did just a little little bit of analysis. In the previous, I’ve learn most of the Kobold Guide merchandise, however I by no means picked up the Guide to Game Design. I did know that this was the second version of the information.

This essay was initially written for the Kobold Guide to Game Design Volume 1, Adventures, in 2010. The authentic Kobold Guides to Game Design had been compiled into The Complete Kobold Guide to Game Design, launched in 2012. That brings us to the present version, which was launched in 2019, which has the identical essay, unchanged, that first appeared in 2010.

First, I don’t need to say that 12 years is simply too way back to contemplate what a designer has written relating to their thought course of in design. While I do assume that individuals ought to have identified higher 12 years in the past, I can even say that the RPG pastime has rather more often checked the assumptions of designers lately, making it tougher to have unexamined assumptions with out deliberately holding on to dangerous assumptions or dismissals. However, even when this isn’t indicative of Baur’s present mindset, I haven’t seen a repudiation of this commentary for the time being, and the corporate reprinted this essay in 2019.

Before I fully go away behind this “context” part, I additionally wished to the touch on a response to the latest Kobold Press Kickstarter for his or her Wastes of Chaos undertaking. There had been a number of individuals commenting on how they disliked the brand new format for races that began in Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything, the place capability rating bonuses had been decoupled from race, in addition to abilities, proficiencies, and languages, and alignment descriptions had been faraway from participant character entries. The response indicated that Kobold Press wished to stick with the “old” model of races, and that gamers can make use of the Tasha’s modifications in the event that they like.


I’m just a little involved that this sounds prefer it’s catering to gamers which can be aggravated by the try to take away organic determinism parts from the sport. In one occasion, a backer cited the flexibility to decide on between small and medium dimension as a nasty improvement, when that’s how human beings work.

Kobold-Guide-to-Game-Design-2E-COVERWhat Do I Think, And Does It Matter?

The cited part, and truly a lot of the essay, will not be good. I need to say that as a result of the essay is 12 years outdated, that mitigates a number of the impression of the assertion, however I’m undecided that’s true if the essay’s level has by no means been instantly addressed. I additionally assume it’s very unusual for an essay from 12 years in the past to be reprinted with out the corporate questioning if that essay would possibly should be reexamined. The predominant cause I need to deliver up the age of the essay is just in order that the complete historical past of the essay may be entered into the dialogue.

I believe we’re at an vital level within the improvement of RPGs, particularly merchandise associated to the most important recreation within the business. The adjustments being made to races within the recreation aren’t being made as a result of designers need to change issues up mechanically, however as a result of they need to handle the worst concepts that the folks that created the sport initially onerous coded into the sport.

Given that I’ve been an enormous fan of Kobold Press’ monster merchandise, adventures, and setting materials previously, I’ll be much more snug if the above points are addressed. All of that stated, I’m a center aged cis white man, and issues that make me snug aren’t anyplace close to as vital as issues which can be of concern to marginalized communities. People from these communities that need these points addressed need to have their voices heard.



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