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sprites – Workflow For Manually Creating .DDS MipMaps For Unity?

I hope to achieve some readability on the right solution to create .DDS format mipmaps for Unity. I used to be capable of create the file and efficiently import it into Unity, however I’m sure my workflow is much from optimum. I’m making a 2.5D RPG and am experimenting with utilizing a texture on a 3D aircraft for the primary character like this:
enter image description here

The paintings that I’ve had created is large, so I could make it work for any decision. I’ve some particular questions on this:

1. I do know that the feel’s needs to be powers of two, however clearly my character is just not an ideal sq.. If I make my characters top 2048, the width can be 1542. Should I simply have my 2048×1542 render in a 2048×2048 canvas?

2. I downloaded the NVIDIA_Texture_Tools_for_Adobe_Photoshop_2021.2.0.exe plugin.
Are there particular settings right here that I want to make use of? I’d actually similar to the settings which have the very best quality.
enter image description here

3. When this plugin creates the extra half dimension photographs, is there a high quality loss? If so, am I capable of open the created .DDS file and change the extra sizes?
In different phrases, might I export my very own 1024×1024 dimension and simply paste it onto the created .DDS mipmap?

4. For some motive, once I completed saving my .DDS file it was labeled as “decompressed”, even with the very best decompression setting chosen. Is there a motive for this and is that a problem?

That’s all I can consider for now…I’ve the paintings, however that is about it. I’m actually simply in search of normal steering on the finest solution to create the Mipmaps if I simply have the artwork prepared. Thank you a lot to anybody that takes the time to learn this!

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