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SRPG Game 75 – TILK: The Girl from the Blue Sea Part 2 (PSX)

(This is the second put up on this sport.)

Chapter 3 – The Oannes, the People on the Bottom of the Sea

Billy tries to exit by himself to rescue Silky, however everybody clearly is aware of he’s going to do it they usually all present as much as assist (even Jake). Meanwhile Gratz, the pinnacle pirate, is exhibiting Silky the clothes he purchased for his estranged daughter — he hopes that sooner or later when he meets his spouse and daughter once more he can provide the clothes as a gift (Silky factors out that she’ll be too huge for them…I suppose it’s the thought that counts).

Billy and the gang present up on the ship, and battle the pirates. After they win, Gratz threatens them with a gun, however a mysterious determine with a cranium masks (Captain Skull) reveals up and knocks the gun away, then they need to battle the pirates once more.

After this battle, the pirates are about to retreat once more, however Kars has had sufficient — he pulls out his personal gun and shoots Billy, knocking him off the ship. Silky dives in after her. The cranium masks man appears to acknowledge Kars, and tries to intercept him, however Kars retreats. Robots come on to the ship, and the pirates and children staff as much as battle them.

Just a few days move, and everybody assumes Billy is lifeless. They’re all moping round within the treehouse, however Jake comes and insults them for being so weak — they notice he’s proper and go to the seashore to seek for Billy. On the seashore they battle some random monsters once more, after which Silky reveals up, giving them Billy again, who’s alive.

Meanwhile we see a flashback. It seems that Silky is without doubt one of the Oannes, the descendants of Bell (who appeared as a ghost in chapter 2). Her mom is the good priest of the tribe. By bringing Billy to the underwater space she has damaged the principles of the tribe, which says that they can’t present themselves overtly till the time is correct. She should be banished, and her voice taken away.

Later Billy thanks Silky, however she will’t communicate.

Then Silky is captured.

It’s Elrich, the little child from the empire, who needs Silky as the important thing to open Eden. He leaves, abandoning robots that Jake and Billy need to battle, together with the pirates who now need to assist.

Elrich’s underlings, in the meantime, have analyzed the Emerald Tablets (I believe Kars acquired them within the earlier chapter; he seems to have been one in every of Elrich’s underlings). They’re in a submarine, heading for Eden. Kars it making an attempt to get Silky to speak to allow them to study the key of Tupshimaty, however in fact she will’t speak. It additionally seems to be like Elrich’s major motivation is to get again at adults who deal with him like a toddler — he’s the son of one of many higher-ups within the Empire.

Fortunately the pirates’ ship occurs to have a submarine perform as effectively — they haven’t used it earlier than….fortuitously it really works. The pirates hearth torpedoes on the Empire ship however the ship manages to get away, and reaches the island the place Tupshimaty is being held. The youngsters and pirates catch up, and battle their means via Imperial forces and robots down right into a constructing.

Eventually they meet up with Elrich, Kars, and Silky at a door. After beating up the Imperial troops, Kars shoots Captain Skull’s masks off and it seems its Billy’s dad. He was as soon as an Imperial soldier however abandoned. In any case the victory of the children is brief lived as a result of Elrich reveals his trump card — an enormous robotic known as King Poseidon.

Elrich threatens to kill everybody if Silky doesn’t use the tablets to launch Tupshimaty. She lastly relents.

The energy of Tupshimaty goes into King Poseidon, and Elrich is overjoyed — now he can use the robotic to verify nobody ever seems to be down on him or insults him for being a child once more. However, his pleasure is brief lived. King Poseidon begins to go haywire, and begins to destroy the temple. Kars is killed by falling rocks, and Elrich has to face loss of life for the primary time. This shocks him to the purpose the place he realizes this isn’t a sport, and he escapes with the pirates and children again to the ships. Meanwhile King Poseidon continues to rampage, flattening the temple.

Final Chapter – Goodbye to Our Island

Everyone makes it again to Tilk safely (apart from Kars in fact), nevertheless it seems that King Poseidon was not destroyed. It reappears from the water and heads for Tilk. Elrich tries to run away, however Captain Gratz stops him and forces him to take accountability for what he’s executed and assist us take care of King Poseidon. Unfortunately it has no weaknesses, however the group comes up with a plan — set off the volcano and trigger a tsunami that can destroy the robotic. Unfortunately this can destroy the island as effectively, in order that they need to evacuate everybody.

Billy and the opposite youngsters head again to their secret base to get well their field of treasures — the ultimate battle is a little bit of an anticlimax however I suppose coping with robots on the base has some which means.

After that, it seems that the Empire submarine they despatched to trigger the volcanic eruption was destroyed by King Poseidon. Billy heads all the way down to the cape and finds Silky the place he first met her.

Silky decides since Tupshimaty is the fault of the Oannes individuals, she’ll have to resolve the difficulty as effectively. She breaks her tribe’s guidelines as soon as once more by speaking.

Using the facility known as the Magnus Stone, she’s in a position to trigger the eruption, however this implies she must return to her individuals to take care of the punishment for breaking the principles once more.

Everyone escapes Tilk earlier than the tsunami arrives. But since the whole lot is destroyed, they’ll need to go their separate methods for some time will issues are rebuilt. The pirates resolve to go discover Captain Gratz’s spouse and daughter, and Elrich heads again to the Empire to face a court-martial for his deeds.

The youngsters meet one final time and divide their treasures on the shore. Now the sport asks you to select your favourite treasure (these are bonus “memory” gadgets you get after sure battles).

I selected an image that Fon took of the group.

The scene switches then to Billy exhibiting the item to somebody who appears to be his son. We’re a few years later when Billy has moved again to Tilk, married, and had a child.

Billy’s spouse yells at them to return for dinner and cease losing time. But as they go, Billy’s son hears a tune from the ocean (whether or not it’s Silky or one other member of the tribe isn’t clear).

So that’s Tilk. Great story, characters, and setting, awful gameplay.



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